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Bangin Candy: Skin-Baring Chocolate Drop Briana Shanee [PHOTOS]


There’s a new girl on the modeling scene that you probably won’t see in your favorite rapper’s next music video. She goes by Briana Shanee she’s our latest Bangin Candy.

We first spotted the New York City-based beauty in the lookbook for 40oz Van’s last capsule collection of 2013. Since then, we’ve seen her face popping up throughout random sites on the Internets and of course on Tumblr.

Briana is a small framed, chocolate beauty. But don’t get it confused — she has curves in all the right places and isn’t afraid to show a little (or a lot) of skin. She also has an appreciation for streetwear and Air Jordans, for our sneakerheads out there.

See more images of Briana Shanee in the gallery on the following pages. Thank us later.

Photo: Instagram, Roderick Jackson, Patrick Neree

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  • Reese

    She is gorgeous. I have never heard of her but she definitely is eye-catching.

  • smh

    She would look even better with her natural hair instead if that unrealistic mop of weave on her head…

    • bigshot

      Lol. She is gorgy though!!!

    • Ayisha

      I have a strong feeling that is her hair

  • DRUNK247


  • lifeGOLD

    Well, she has a nice body.

  • Londoner

    She looks like a child! What is wrong with people.

    • glo

      my only beef here is that she looks underage in most of these shots. Some of them are real high fashion but the american apparel style ones kinda creep me out. Gorgeous lady tho

  • PolkaDots

    I don’t get it…The internet is a helluva tool….Use it well girlie.

  • Teya

    I guess she’s too dark for black guys..get yourself a white man girl,they will love your chocolate skin!

  • Ayisha

    I don’t see anything spectacular about this little girl….but okay

  • Dazedandconfused

    Is this a joke?