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Aaron McGruder Not Involved With New Season Of The Boondocks


The belated return of The Boondocks has suddenly become bittersweet. Although the series is finally back for a fourth season in April, it will be without the involvement of its creator, Aaron McGruder.

According to the Grio, McGruder confirmed that despite being the Boondocks‘ creator and executive producer he wasn’t involved with the new season, but he didn’t offer any specific details.

Instead, McGruder is focusing all his energy on the new Black Jesus series which is also arriving via Adult Swim. The Black Jesus Facebook page provided a clue that there was trouble because it’s where earlier this week he made fans aware that the official Boondocks page had been “hijacked” without his permission.

The Boondocks comic strip debuted in newspapers in 1999 after previously running in The Source and first at the University of Maryland’s The Diamondback student newspaper. The animated show debuted on the Cartoon Network in 2005. The new season of The Boondocks premieres on April 21.

Will you watch knowing McGruder isn’t down? Let us know in the comments.


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  • _yeaOK

    It definitely won’t be the same

  • …..

    Not ok….

  • Grown9x9

    So, who’s running the show now? Carl Jones?

  • 305tillIDie

    No I’m def not watching it, how u gon have a show without the creator smdh!!!

  • faebae

    I don’t get it? How can they air with out the creator?

    • chocolatecitycom

      He was never the only writer for Boondocks the show…anyway. I don’t think it matters.

      • blackmoses

        It matters in that he was the head writer as well as the creator. It is very likely that a new show-runner will lack McGruder’s perspective and his ways of handling the characters and stories.

      • brightbright


      • chocolatecitycom

        Well, if you’re the creator…and the post says he wanted to focus on the other show…..sounds like that was his decision to me. All that young blk stuff…child pls….I bet he didnt reach out to any up and coming black writers to put on….not one…..put something on that…lol….so stop tryin to make dude sound like somebody he’s not. He was not the only person that made that show hot…the end

      • brightbright

        his creative input introduced a young black perspective from someone who was actually young and black. this show will now be disrespectful to blacks.

      • chocolatecitycom

        It was already disrespectful to black ppl…..keep it moving …lol. Dr. KING episode? Remember….side eye. that shall remain….otherwise it wouldn’t be coming back….we all know that.

        Buffooning your so called ppl is NOT genius….okay… time s it’s funny. AG shouldnt be going down in history for that….its not unique …anyway

    • brightbright

      if you create a show and you don’t have the rights, you eventually come to butt heads. when this happened as a creator with no rights, you can be fired. if you have rights, the most they can do is cancel the show. if they cancel they make no money. if they fire you, they can continue without your creatives input. this show will now be really disrespectful to black people.

  • Nenehs Cheri

    I guess he was tired of it and didn’t want to do it anymore. Therefore he sold or licensed it. Either way he’s getting paid while he focuses on his new creation. Congrats Papi! I will watch both.

    • chocolatecitycom

      That blk Jesus sounds like a flop. its not gonna sit well with the spiritual/church community…and its set in the hood or some foolery…I wonder why that is?….I won’t be watching that. But, I will tune in to Boondocks to support Regina King, John Witherspoon and that man thats Uncle Rukus.

      • newdnewd

        Church people probably aren’t checking for adult swim anyway

      • chocolatecitycom

        Pls….they have more reality shows than worldly ppl…lol. When the streets start talking its going down. Lol

        What is that suppose to mean anyway. AG dont believe Jesus was blk? Or is he atheist? Some stuff is just tacky and uncalled for……crosses lines. My opinion.

  • Phil J.

    I’m going to be watching. If he has all the rights to the show then I’m going to assume that he let it go on without him for the fans

    • brightbright

      he has no rights, that is why they were able to push him out.

  • jau

    I really dont care to b honest as long as they got riley, huey, and ROBERT FREEMAN LOL. and the concept is still funny. if regina king left I definitely would not watch tho

  • Reese

    I’m going to give it a watch The Boondocks was and still is groundbreaking. The social commentary was on point.

    • brightbright

      guarantee it turns from funny to disrespectful. I will not be watching, it is a sign of disrespect to do so.

  • jack_sprat2

    Dude walked the side of that mountain like a goat, somehow never putting a foot TOO wrong. Two ways that this goes: Tumbling down to its death, sooner than later; or, onto safe, solid, boring ground.

  • jrs1947

    Remember this happened to In Living color, Chappelle show, and now boondocks. All these shows were taken over by people who have little or no creative talent at all, and after they take over the show dies.

    • brightbright

      agreed, I will not be watching.

  • ordinaryman

    I wonder if the reason behind this situation have any similarities with what happened with The Dave Chappelle Show?