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Love & Hip Hop New York’s Mendeecees Harris Free On $600K Bail [PHOTOS]


Love & Hip Hop New York cast member Mendeecees Harris is a free man, for now. Today (March 31), the reality TV star was released on $600,000 bond as he awaits trial on drug trafficking charges.

Harris’ fiancee and castmate, Yandy Smith, is responsible for $200K of that loot and was in Rochester, NY today (March 31) to agree to the terms. Yes, it was all caught on camera.

Reports Democrat & Chronicle:

With VH1 cameras waiting outside of federal court Monday, as Love & Hip Hop NY films for its next season, U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr. agreed to release Harris on a $600,000 bond package — half of which was provided in court. He was released later from the Yates County Jail, where he has been held.

Harris, 35, is accused of a role in a New York City-based drug ring that included his brother, Tyrus Harris, and another man, Ronald Walker. Tyrus Harris pleaded guilty before Geraci Monday, and Walker pleaded guilty last year.

The drug ring transported cocaine to the Rochester region, federal authorities allege. Tyrus Harris faces a sentence of about five to seven years, under federal sentencing recommendations.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank Sherman and Mendeecees Harris’ lawyer, Donald Thompson, said in court Monday that they’ve been working toward a resolution with the case. The bail agreement, Sherman said, is expected to be substantial enough to ensure Harris returns for future court dates.

Smith, who is engaged to Harris and who is one of the bigger stars of the show, said after court that she has no worries about the $200,000 pledge.

“Mendeecees is a very good guy,” said Smith, who was once on the list of Billboard Magazine’s “Top 30 Executives under 30.”

Despite rumors that Harris was already free, he has been in jail since January 2013.

Those are hefty charges Harris is facing, which will know doubt only increase chatter that he is cooperating with authorities. However, any such claims are strictly speculation.

Watch Smith speak on Harris’ release below and pics of Harris walking the streets a free man on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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  • tomdickandharey

    I’s free….

  • Av’Edmonds

    I’m happy for them

  • Tender Roni

    Do they get the money back once he is acquitted/found guilty? But the $600,000 question is would Mendeecees go this hard for Yandy? Would he have not om ly gotten the money up, but would he have stood by her side as well? Something tells me he would not. Best of luck, cause from the way things look both of them gone need it!

    • eisha0417

      Hell no he wouldn’t! Lol

      • Tender Roni

        Inr you locked up, but we both doing time. Yandy got to feel like she is in prison too, especially since they have a baby. Its hard for me to say what Yandy should do, because we all know that she knew about what Mendeecees was all about before this all went down. But I do know what I would do. And it doesn’t involve making house calls @ no prison.

    • Carter Keepingitreal

      Yes they hold the money for bail to make sure he comes back to court. If he do not show up its a chance they could lose all of it or some.

    • Latoya J Gerald

      I always wondered about this when my now husband did his bid. I know most men won’t go that extra mile that us women go for them; loyal, faithful, sitting by waiting on their calls and just being available for them mentally and physically. This is a question most women think about but most men can’t be loyal to us and we sleep beside them nightly so I could hardly Fathom the fact that they can hold the fort down as their woman does her bid. Some men can but most of them can’t!

  • luke

    That ninja snitching sun! They just found kid in the dumpster for this act b!

  • BossLady206

    Guess he was seriously pushing that weight. What else can Yandy do? She got a kid by this child molester. Some chicks need to get over the ride or die mentality. Every man ain’t worth that devotion.

  • Thot University

    He’ll be back in jail in no time.

  • Deezuss

    If i was dude Im snitchin on errbody

  • GreenDreams

    She will regret putting that much of her own money up….

    • chitown

      She has like a 15 million dollar net worth

      • GreenDreams

        That doesnt mean she has anywhere near that in the bank…

      • chitown

        I said NET WORTH… I know what I said. I didn’t say she has 15 mill

  • dezy p

    Dang Yandy got it like that???? Don’t sleep on Yandy!!!

    • chitown

      Yandys worth 15 mill

  • Fitch

    I’m sorry but not a smart move-for a smart business sista — he will
    Plea out and do time– they have way too much evidence on him– the money found equals fed time already- if he snitches then he will hve to leave NYC as his family is in trouble- if he doesn’t snitch he go to prison for 15-25yrs.

  • Miah

    Yaasssss Yandy!! Get ur man!! Get married!! Get rewarded for holding ur man dwn all this time & being faithful!! U deserve it! Make it count!! Become his Wife!! Become a family unit!! I absolutely love Yandy!! Continue to be a strong, business oriented, profit first, b.s.later, BLACK WOMAN!!!! Yaaaassss HUNTY!!!!

    • reality

      U sound stupid

      • Sexwcharles


      • coolz

        thank u

      • boozaray

        you support her supporting a dude who fucked a (non blood) relative? that was damn near 17? And a snitch? You all sound like idiots.

  • dezy p

    I admire a black woman who can do that!!! Aint that many of em!!

  • sergio

    60K wow!

  • sergio

    Whats 10% of 600k?…ok then…its nuthn

    • wtf???

      they only paid half.. $300k

  • boozaray

    I guess none of yall know about the legal system. The ONLY way someone is even getting offered bail for a FEDERAL CASE with a RICO project that has been in the works for a few years is if you settle. And by Settle I mean SNITCH. Unless he is just prolonging the minimum 15 to 30 years he’s gonna do in the Feds he told. Point blank.