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Dude Looks Like A Lady: 10 Rappers Wearing Dresses [PHOTOS]


Hip-Hop and fashion go hand in hand like milk and cereal, but 50 Cent sees one trend as suspect — rappers wearing dresses. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, Fif asked listeners to google how many rappers wear dresses these days, and that we did.

Of course, we found a list of the usual suspects in our search results. But some MCs who’ve tried their hands at women’s clothing will surprise you. Many of said wordsmiths refer to their garbs as kilts, but yours truly can spot the jig very clearly.

Hit the gallery on the following pages to see 10 rappers in the midst of questionable fashion decisions. Feel free to slander away in the comments.

Photo: YouTube

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  • GreenDreams

    How disturbing……

  • Belinda

    The kilt and the Egyptian costume can be excused because they are from a different time and they have a cultural context, but anything that is outside those parameters could be perceived as feminine. People of both sexes should be very careful about what they wear in the name of being cutting edge. I’m not saying people shouldn’t wear whatever they please, but I AM saying that people should be aware of the impression being made.

    • aspire more

      U kno maybe there is sumthG 2 this “selling their souls 4 fame” afterall. There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing normal about str8 males wearing female attire. & now maybe the devil’s joke on them is simply manifesting main stream so that ever1 can see the truths behind ths lies that is of their image. IJS

  • Ty

    Just as bad as rappers calling dudes Bae. Just heard it in Futures song Move that **** Hoping folks are not buying this agenda they are trying to throw at us. Its sad

  • Bottom Line

    Dresses are for girls. Point blank.

  • tinyk88

    My 10 year old cousin has the same dress as Young Thug lol

  • Kali

    Of course it’s always BM that fall for this shiit!
    Not having fathers has really messed them up, you will never see other race men do this homo

  • leesa

    B*tch az b*tches. Black men are fcked up!!!

  • Michelle A. Morgan

    Just b/c the lack of research and proofreading annoy me… Glasgow is in Scotland. Scotland and Ireland are two different countries. The kilt is traditional Scottish garb.

  • Kizzy

    Glasgow is in Scotland fools