Chris Thomas

“Yeet” Dance Inspires Meme Craze On The Internets [PHOTOS]



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  • You’renotme

    All these dances are DUMB AF!

    • WayJay

      If you think about it, all dances outside of African tribe dances are dumb. The dances you did as a kid was dumb. Let these kids have some fun, they aren’t hurting anyone. BTW If you don’t get the dances that means you’re to old and you’re not supposed to get it. 🙂

  • Yoooo

    People are creative

  • funny they keep putting the gun

    • H0RIZ0N

      Youre not allowed anywhere else outside of worldstar

    • That’s So Chri$$$, The Blanket

      I was banned too.

      But they couldn’t keep a real chri$$$a down. I return today 🙂 Your Time will come soon.

  • Tee Moore

    We have been saying “yeet” since the 90s


    We were just on the nae nae now we on this…the dance era of hip hop is coming back…and I was hoping we’ d get the lyrical era back first..smh