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The Jig: Hypebeasts Line Up Outside Supreme For Nike Air Foamposite 1 Release [PHOTOS]


UPDATE: Supreme Cancels Nike Air Foamposite 1 In-Store Release 

Streetwear institution Supreme has mastered the art of whipping hypebeasts into a frenzy. With the Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite 1 collaboration dropping tomorrow (Thursday, April 3), the line of campers outside and the New York City store readying to drop their coin on a pair of the exclusive kicks is already outrageous.

Reports The Shoe Game:

Lawwwwd Jesus!

We knew the campers would come out of the wood works for this Supreme release. Not only is Supreme the most popular brand in NYC, but the Foamposite is a staple New York sneaker – combine the two and you have the most hyped release in NYC in a long time. Here is a photo and a video from the current chaos in SoHo. The Supreme Nike Air Foamposite comes in two colors, Red and also Black priced at $250.

They do realize the store won’t nearly have enough pairs, right? Also, we see some grown men out there; you ain’t got a job, bruh?

Check out photos of the madness in New York and London (looks like the Los Angeles line up was dispersed by cops) in the following pages.

Photo: Instagram/@dbcsole

Photo: Instagram/@dbcsole

Photos: Instagram, Twitter

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  • BossLady206

    People still line up to buy shoes in this day and age?

    • Guest

      Unfortunately Yes! The line for Jordans is 2x’s worse. You would think Jesus himself was in the sneaker store signing autographs.

      • betta_recognize_foo

        its this bad when it comes to limited sneakers

  • StansB4Real

    I wonder how many of these negroes are behind in their child support or are not paying for their kids altogether… SMH!

    • You’renotme

      I am sure it’s a lot who haven’t even paid rent smh

  • Taz

    No longer called sneaker heads but hypebeast? Hmmm, i guess im late with the slang switchup

  • You’renotme

    yep!!!! The one on Melrose in Cali looks like this but not as many ppl! I always wonder WTH those ppl are camping out for when I see this. This is a damn shame! And most are grown as hell. smh