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Potential Perverts: 13 Celebrities Accused Of Robbing The Cradle [PHOTOS]


Celebrity privilege can be a dicey game to play. When money allows one to live a lifestyle without much consequences, serious problems can arise. Problems, such as engaging in unlawful sexual acts with minors for example.

After James Franco’s peculiar struggle today, an ugly reminder of the endangered youth amongst stars was brought back. The actor’s attempt at making sexual advances towards a minor was also a reminder that many celebrities have used similar tactics garnering even more vile results.

That said, Hip-Hop Wired placed a scope on a list of men who were caught red handed making morally inept decisions involving children and young adults.

Hit the gallery after the jump, and don’t spare a lick of slander in the comments section.

Photo: Instagram/R. Kelly, WENN

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  • Tré Sinclare

    R Kelly isn’t a pedophile he’s a hepehbile.

    • Phil J.

      i wouldn’t be surprised if he messed with someone younger than 13 but it still doesn’t matter, court documents show he has done this several times and yet people are still going out and buying his music and going to his concerts…I won’t even listen to his songs anymore.

  • Polar Vortex

    Genetically, females can start having babies at 12. It also depends on the culture. Personally, I like them younger… can train them before they become GUEST on Maury Povich or Real Housewives of Atlanta!

    • Bree

      Well aren’t u disgusting…

      • Polar Vortex

        Black women testing 10 men on Maury Povich and still nto finding the baby daddy is disgusting.
        I want to help women.

      • Val

        Well stated lmao

      • donald

        lmao homie wants to “help” women by “training” them early? homie is fucked up, let’s be real.

      • Polar Vortex

        And you’re gay

      • donald

        good one

      • Guest

        and you’re a Neanderthal AND a loser

      • Upende_Usipende

        Black women? I have seen white women too! A lot!

      • stayhigh_247

        There are white women on Maury testing 15 dads also, don’t leave them out of the equation, it’s not a black thing. Its a fucked up american culture thing to be exact.

      • Canleovir

        The “old enough to bleed old enough to breed” attitude you display shows just what a pathetic loser you are. What, you too lame to handle an adult woman that you need to “train” a child? Bet you think marrying your first cousins is ok too. Wouldn’t be surprised if you sit on your porch daily strumming a banjo.

    • mommamia

      I think its because grown up woman prefer to have a real men in their lives. You just dont qualify. You may get them while they’re young and dont know any better but they will always grow up and see you for the trash you are.


      wow, the KKK is blogging again!!!!!!

  • Michael J Freeman

    A pedophile is a person attracted to pre-pubertal children and not teenagers.

  • Tee Elyse

    Marvin Gaye didn’t get Denise Gordy pregnant, him and his wife Anna Gordy (Berry Gordy’s older sister) adopted Denise’s child to try and avoid a scandal for the Gordy family. Marvin III found out after Marvin’s passing that he wasn’t even his biological child. Y’all should fact check before posting things like that.

    And not that it matters because he didn’t sleep with her, but Denise was 17 when she gave birth.

    • Rubie Brown

      They constantly do that, without bothering to fact check. Great job!

    • Dorothy

      Marvin Gaye started with Janus at 16 and Foxy Brown accused Jay Z with being with her at 14 and giving her VD (GOOGLE IT).

  • Roman Polanski not Polowski

    • mon88

      who cares he still a pedo and he has reportedly killed many children during satanic rituals including his unborn child with Sharon Tate

      • Ben Dover

        Yeah, I heard he raises bananas just to yell at them.

      • Goddessvenom

        Omg I almost died laughing at that!

  • Lynette DeShields

    What I don’t like about internet blogging or journalism is misinformation! Please get the facts before you post information. His name was Roman Polanski & he was Polish but later moved to France.

    • domusvita

      Plus Pete Townsend was cleared of all charges after forensic scientists proved he did nothing wrong. But hey…we already bit the clickbait, why bother with facts.

      • Ben Dover

        It’s Townshend, and he bought his way out. I’m your wicked uncle Ernie – I’m glad you can’t see or hear me as I fiddle about, fiddle about, fiddle about.

      • domusvita

        Thanks for the spelling catch. Ironically I did it in response to an article that can’t spell Roman Polanski. As for him buying his way out, not really sure how accurate that is being that it was government agencies that investigated the case and found nothing to pursue. The case did not go to trial so it’s not like he OJ’d the system. If I’m wrong (again) let me know.

    • domusvita

      And what the heck does “Potential Pervert” even mean? They’re not perverts yet, but they could grow into it.

      • Goddessvenom

        Apparently so…who knew?

    • howard wozniak

      good going Lynette. At least one lady know the facts and the truth..GOD BLESS

  • JBC


    • howard wozniak

      trailer trash and crackhead hookers…all ruled by the pimp man

  • Will shine

    What a load of crap..half these guys were cleared of all charges yet your posting they could be “potential”? Thats the problem with society, judging people without knowing any facts and spreading mis-information. I don’t like this singer so i’m going to post on twitter he “may” have molested someone. amazing….

    • mon88

      Lets use our brains here just because you were cleared of charges doesn’t mean they are not guilty just recently George Zimmerman was cleared of all charges for a murder he admitted take the celeb cocks out your mouth and lets be real all of these men are pedos and this list should be longer.

    • Ben Dover

      actually, the problem with society is judging people period. Facts or no facts, you are all pond scum and should look in the mirror before passing judgment.

  • Golovolomka

    A pedophile is a person whose primary sexual attraction is to prepubescent children.

    Many of the names listed here were involved with adolescents, which would make them hebophiles (early adolescence) or ephebophiles (late adolescence).

    This distinction has been made so many times and in so many public fora that there’s no excuse to get it wrong.

  • Big Mike

    What? no Jerry Lee Lewis, Or Elvis Presley?

  • Olert

    Can someone tell the moron who wrote this article that a pedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children, not post-pubescent teens? Thank you.

  • alfred

    MORONS! Do you not even know the definition of a pedophile? A pedophile would have ZERO interest in a teen-ager,

  • kkc003

    I bet we can tell how they vote! common denominator of the sick and twisted.

  • Jerome Dupree

    Beat poet and homosexual icon, Alan Ginsberg, was a member of nambla. Homosexual creep, Harvey Milk, preyed upon underage, substance abusing boys. In the homosexual community, pedophilia is condoned.

    • drf987

      Not true. There is a lower incidence of pedophiles among the gay community than in the heterosexual community. It’s a fact, jack. Or Jerome.

      • Run

        That isn’t because of lower s3xual inclination, it’s because there are fewer homosexuals.

    • dutchess

      yeah, and Hollywood created a movie tooting him as a hero..shocker..

    • lindsncal

      Prove it.

  • Chris

    Doug was able to tap that for a couple years. He’ll die a happy man with great memories

  • Will

    I wonder why Pete Townsend is on this list when it says a four month investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing.

  • howard wozniak

    This website appears to have all the ills and savages of Amerika. Are’nt there any armada of cruise ships leaving soon on free cruises to other continents!! We Americans can even throw in $100,000 for each passenger, just in case they decide to stay in any of the destinations they’ll be visiting. I think we could make the same offer to the countery’s incarcerated criminals, let’s see a pardon, a $100,000 and a ocean cruise to the destination of their choice. I think this would solve all of America’s problems, and our Supreme Commander could just print up a couple of Billion in $100’s and go start his own country somewhere else on this planet. Oh, there would never have been a KKK if it was’nt to combat the evils of the times!! Read some history books, if they have’nt all been removed and the truth shall set you free, for it sure as hell won’t be GOD!! Just a peaceful human, as we all are, trying to do the Right American Thing.

  • Run

    16 is only the age of consent to have s3x with people up to age 20.

  • Run

    True. The moniker for adults who have s3x with adolescents aged 15-19 is “ephebophile”.

  • Seed_drill

    What happened to “Do You Want To Touch Me There” Gary Glitter?

  • Jay

    How can you call a guy a pedophile when marrying a 16yo is legal in Nevada with a parents permission?

  • Scott McLain

    The headline of this article is misinformed and irresponsible. While our society regulates sexual contact with minors under the age of 18 and sets penalties for engaging in such behavior, Pedophilia is an sexual attraction to Pre-pubescent children. My grandmothers were married at 15 and 17 respectively and although that is not accepted under today’s standards, neither of my grandfathers are pedophiles. Other than Sandusky, and possibly MJ, these guys broke the law and should be punished but they are not pedophiles.

  • AMJSunshine

    DSO1 was talking @ the photo used for Marvin Gay – not whether or not he is/ isn’t guilty, from the way the statement is made

  • G.W. G.

    What about the original “pedophile”, Elvis Presley!

    • Guest

      Elvis didn’t bang her till she was legal.

  • whatever

    where is TED NUGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dudley

    Klaus Kinski.

  • If a rapper had a brain

    R&D singer Bobby Womack. He slept with Sam Cook’s daughter while Bobby was married to Sam’s widow.

    • If a rapper had a brain


  • cathy

    not fair they are not in prison or on registry when young men dating 16 year olds are in prison or on registry. Same with someone looking on internet by mistake and are in prison and registry. Murderers get less time than the last two mentioned. If you are a “STAR” it is legal. Go figure…it is even on an apple APP and legal but they keep on arresting people to make money on prisoners. Evil government.