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Woman Refused Service for Being Bad Tipper


Stating that she was a victim of discrimination, a Black woman has started a petition to boycott against an Asian restaurant after being refused service.

According to the woman, Monica Covington, restaurant owners and employees of Kampai Japanese Steak and Seafood House, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, refused to give her service making the allegations that she is a poor tipper.

Covington said that the issue arose when she was overcharged with gratuity as the restaurant stated that there was a 15% gratuity added when there was a party of six or more people.

“I noticed on our ticket that they added 18 percent gratuity and there was only two others with me at the time,” Covington said.

The woman, however, paid anyway.

Returning a month later, Covington said that she would have to pay the 18% gratuity if she wanted to dine there anymore.

In response, she started a petition, which has reached 300 names, demanding that the restaurant practice fair business.

Michael Lam, the owner, gave his rebuttal and made the claim that Covington has always been a poor tipper, which resulted in problems as the employees didn’t want to serve her.

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  • Fair treatment!? Are you F*%&+$G kidding me lady? Look in the mirror! By not tipping the staff (who, by the way, have every legal right to refuse service to anyone) YOU are the one who is guilty of treating others unfairly.

    “You have a full restaurant of others and you’re not charging them one thing, but you want to charge me?”
    -Gratuity is not a charge! It is not a menu item. It is for the staff and the ninja chef making your onion volcano. The reason why you are being singled out is because you are apparently the only one who warrants that kind of treatment–i.e. you are the only one cheap enough to get singled out. Other people pay 20% gratuity on their own you idiot. You have to be forced to show common decency to others and then have the gaul to complain about someone making you play nice!? Go to hell.

    “So ya, there’s a lot of unjustice there”
    -First, “unjustice” is not a word. I wouldn’t want to serve someone lacking a 4th grade education either.
    -The only one guilty of injustice is YOU. Take the time to educate yourself about how the math/taxes of tipping someone works (or in your case, the damages incurred by not) before you cause a storm of BS fueled by your ignorant self-righteousness. If you did, you would feel like the moron you are for ever starting that petition.

    “She feels that this is discrimination”
    -It absolutely IS! But it’s discrimination against bad tippers, not because you are black. Try and wrap your mind around that. You are definitely being judged by the content of your character. I guess you just didn’t see it coming that you may have a serious lack of it, eh?

    I hope you educate yourself, take a step back, retract your statements, and become a different person. If not, then all I have to say is that people like you are the epitome of everything wrong with common man. God save us all.