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Bangin Candy: Drake’s Alleged Ethiopian Piece Winta’nna [PHOTOS]



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  • Marquis de Sade

    This chick way too bottom heavy. Time to diet and hit the stairclimber.

    • Reese

      Hip machines too.

    • TheLEGENDofDJScrewAndPimpC

      Hell yeah. Wayyyy too much going on in the hip area.

      • You’renotme

        It looks really strange lol That bikini pic is horrid. he shape looks like jelly

    • Tae’lur Alexis


      • Derek Jones

        No such thing as too bottom heavy. You’re either white or gay.

      • guest

        lol that’s what im saying she bad as hell!!!

      • Tae’lur Alexis

        Lol but my profile pic clearly shows I’m neither white or gay. But don’t mind my comment tho, I have my moments.

  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    Drake better smash hard now. For maybe the next 12-17 months…

    Bc after that???

    Her azzz gonna start to look like precious.

    • Judge Judy


    • LOL

      TOO LATE!

  • Jareka King

    Enjoy it now because she’s going to go downhill fast and she probably has dimples and stretch marks all over it because it’s real

    • Floyd

      Thats what we like.

    • You’renotme

      You can tell she does! Look at those thighs! Most def dimple city! I would not like to see her N A K E D

  • Classy

    The bottom half looks too sloppy and out of shape. She needs to lose some pounds on that derrière and tone it up.

  • bozack69

    She’s just a grape away from being a sammich away from being ‘portly’.

    • Judge Judy


    • LeeLeeC

      No she’s a cracker away….

  • Ouch*Dee*Thats*Bottom!


  • lelesaidit

    Those thighs they hurting me. I hope Drake got better taste than this. She got NOTHING on RiRi period. She looks terrible. I am just……. I can’t

  • East Africa don

    the hate is strong in this convo…attack in 3..2..1..GO!

    • Karya

      As an East African sis, she’s beautiful.

  • Savenia

    I think she’s p r e t t y.

    • MiaSara

      Chubby chaser!

      • Savenia

        What? I’m a woman.

    • Building_MY_Truth

      Me too i don’t get why there are so many mean comments.

      • Savenia

        I think she has a pr3tty face and I didn’t look at all her pictures until now, she’s bottom heavy and looks better in clothes but oh well she’s still pr3tty.

  • ObservintheATL

    She’s owning her curves. Say what you will, she’s carrying it with confidence.

    • Judge Judy

      sho isssssssssssssss.
      The comments are funny though,

  • Mimi

    She fat.

  • lacey

    I was wondering cause drake usually likes um real thick borderline plus size

  • Fresh45

    Damn she’s fine. I see why Drake wrote that verse about her and the way she looks in a sundress.

    • i know

      It wasn’t about her lol. It was about his ex and first love Nebby.

      • Savenia

        Drake raps about her on Poetic Justice.

  • OaklandOxymoron


  • HoneybLex

    Beautiful woman, but she needs to lose some weight and tone. It looks as if the hips/thighs/butt jumps, jiggles, and flops when she runs.



  • S Jo

    She looks bad built! Real flicted looking!
    Her waistline is so un natural looking, with that huge bottom half!
    She looks deformed!

  • Two cents

    Lol! Her shape is funny! It’s like two different people bodies. The top is thin and the bottom is chunky and out of shape.. So strange

    • RUD3_GAL_N3N3

      Right no hate at all it really is very odd looking. Not taking away from her beautiful face though

    • Pear shaped. She’s over weight, obese really, but it all goes to her bottom half.

  • BritMhmkay

    Her and Rihanna have two different body shapes! Id chose Rihanna over her! Rihanna is fit and slim.

    • Top 5 Real Ni666a Chri$$$

      miss me boo ?

  • guest

    She’s cute. Rihanna’s cuter.

  • Mary Jackson

    I think she looks good face and body. It all seems to be natural.

    • Top 5 Real Ni666a Chri$$$

      i know i been on yo mind


    She looked like a cow in the article pic

  • nofucksgiven

    The only reason drake would pick her over rihanna is because rihanna has the biggest hole in the game

  • PolkaDots

    This girl’s hips are waaay to big. The proportion is really off.

  • expressionofheart

    Nothing wrong with her curves

    • Top 5 Real Ni666a Chri$$$

      ive been thinking about u a lot lately

  • eisha0417

    Both women are gorgeous!!! Stop trying to compare the 2, because their body types are completely opposite. One is super curvy and the other is tall and skinny yet both are beautiful.

    • Top 5 Real Ni666a Chri$$$

      u are also beautiful dont sell urself short boo !!

  • B!tch is built like a stick of melted butter.

  • Tolegittoquit

    She is stunning after a couple pounds weight loss she will be a banger this chick is beautiful riri better watch out I think drake likes thick chicks anyways lol

  • JuJu

    the bottom half of her body is a little scary

  • ulquiorra cifer

    something aint right about her bottom she needs to get it toned up it looks like it could melt off if hold it

  • sixfourfella

    She looks nice to me,,,break out the baby oil, king size bed, and about 3 weeks with room service,,,,,, I’d beat it beat it beat it upppppp!!!

  • Duannn

    Body is banging , face is so so .

  • DRUNK247

    Just another Dencia

  • East Africa don

    Rest of the pics look str8, but I can see the first pic is not positive . On that note, damn it feels good to be black lol we spoiled cuz we come in all shapes and colors instead of plain ol vanilla, or sunburnt bologne lol pharaoh out.

  • me

    She built like a 25y.o. woman at the top and a 50 y.o. at the bottom LMAO! !!!

  • Seven days without her love, makes one weak..

  • I still got love for RiRi tho.

  • I’m not saying you have to love me. I’m just wishing one day you will…

  • Excepcion

    If she was taller the weight distribution wouldve been perfect but it seems gravity is putting in a good fight…beautiful face very awkward build..


    • Top 5 Real Ni666a Chri$$$

      why you gotta be so shallow ?


  • jenjay

    She must lose weight

  • furthest thing from perfect

    Drake a hoe who uses women to make songs.


    This chick fat…I can’t even tell if its a $$ shots or not with this one

  • Sherry

    Ethiopian women always have these weird shapes. Their waist is real small but their hips and bottom are big and their upper body is small. They have the weirdest shapes.

    • jessy

      unlike black american women who are just fat all around

      • Sherry

        Beyonce, Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, Kelly Rowland have fantastic shapes. They shape way more better than those lopsided Ethiopian women.

      • Guest 2

        Kerry Washington is Jamaican

      • Sherry

        She was born in America. She’s American.

      • Valentizzle


      • Valentizzle


      • tyler

        kelly rowland and kerry washington are the only REAL blacks on your little list and they both have boy shapes but i will say kelly does look better with those breast implants

      • Sherry

        Kelly and Kerry donot have boy shapes.Just because they have slim toned bodies without any cottage cheese or jello on them doesn’t mean that they’re shaped like boys.

      • bm go to school

        Beyonce is black. She is no more mixed than your average black person. Her mother has a mixed background but she is mostly black. Her father is black. She has coarae hair and all. Look at her baby. Skin tone does not determine race!!!!!! You bm need to pick up a book.

      • lacey

        Lopsided Ethiopian women lmao!

      • pointe.noire

        I’m in tears!!!

    • staygolden

      Some Ethiopian woman get the perfect proportion with the tiny waist and hips. Her hips are just very large, but I don’t think she looks ‘weird’! Some men really like big legs. At least her tummy is nice too.

      • Sherry

        That’s your opinion. Not everyone agrees that Ethiopian women have perfect proportions. I think it’s funny looking with the long torsos, skinny waist and large hips/butts. They remind me of those drag queens that get those injections.I’m not a Rihanna fan but I think Rihanna’s body is way more nicer and fit.

  • MadMan

    Maan!! That coochie in the water will jump on you and swallow you like anaconda did to Icube!!

  • SnkyPetePuma17

    She is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. will have to hang with this, sorry RiRi fans. Love my THICK sisters 4 life. Good Lawddd!

    • IslandChick83

      she stopped being thick 30-50 pounds ago

  • imnotahater

    I think she’s worth all the hate mail so hate on go drizzy smash that 🙂

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    Uhhhh no..very pr3tty face but her body is scary..


      • Youknowwhatiitis

        Her hip bones look so big…

  • Thenji Maynard

    Deer in headlights. The two are incomparable. Rihanna is not only beautiful head-to-toe but she is also known for having accomplished note-worthy awards in the music and fashion industries, and as a philanthropist. To compare two women, if you have to, requires equal variables. Women should resist being called “banging candy”.

    • Sherry

      Women should resist being called banging candy. That part right there.

  • Tayee

    I hope all of these comments critiquing this woman about her size are this concern about their own body shape. There’s nothing wrong with this woman, she’s curvy and beautiful.

  • Imjustsayin

    That body is NOT cute!!! She has HUGE cottage cheese thighs. Men, stop boosting these women’s heads up so that they can start hitting the gym and stop hating on a real woman like myself (slim with curves).

  • bouyant

    so no one notice the sagging breast? that’s a young woman with streach marks, she is sloppy and g r o ss.

    • Imjustsayin

      She has to have at least 2 kids. She has to!

  • bellawings

    That one pic of her coming out of the water is very disturbing. I’m all for natural and not being stick thin but that’s just fat. there’s no other way to put it. She’s got a lovely small waist but that’s where the ‘lovely’ ends. Pick up some weights and some running shoes. How do you get that sloppy at such a young age w/out children?

    • Savenia

      Thats just how some people carry their weight, she’ll lose weight/fat around her hips with exercise but she’ll still be as wide as all outside.

  • Miss E

    Her body looks weird.

  • Guest

    Was her body photoshopped because…I don’t understand her lower body. It’s like a water balloon when you pinch one side the water floats to the other side. Those pics with her clothes on must be altered. Weird.

  • Erica Valley


  • NYC Gal

    Sorry boo but Drake ain’t leaving Rihanna for no broke heavy bottom chick! Drake knows that he would be supporting his broke chick for the rest of his life and he ain’t having that!

  • Crudely Speaking

    I think she did the corset training….

  • solofromtoronto

    I thought Ethiopians was supposed to be skinny lol

  • You’renot

    Too big at the bottom. Looks weird

  • Guest

    Gorgeous! too thick for me though.

  • guest

    are you all men or women I am just saying if so very suspect little d*** lames lol!!!!
    I’ll lil dark-skin to the cross no question ask!!!!

    • solofromtoronto


  • stfuYOUNGthugLookinHOES

    all black women do is pick at another woman’s flaw and hate…if she had a dimple on her chest..yall would target that instead..