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Jill Scott In Black Dress Inspires Thirst [PHOTOS]



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  • Guest

    Jill looks fantastic keep up whatever you are doing. Now this is how you rock curves. Go Jill!!! Lol@ smuggling melons comments…

  • mia

    She looks like she got lipo because her uppee half looks the same. If she worked out to lose the weight, she would be smaller up top.

    She looks good.

    • danybx

      I was thinking the same thing… She must have on a mean corset or something cuz she got big girls breasteses

    • Staytrue1

      Her upper half looks the same? Are you serious? Have you seen old pictures of her? Google her.

      • Tiffany Dailey

        Here’s a little education to people who know nothing about naturally big breast. Not all overweight women have big breast because they are fat. As a heavy chested woman, my breast are big regardless of what size I am. So loosing her weight isn’t going to make her breast go away. All it will do is slim down the fat around her breast, which makes them stand out even more. She looks like she lost that weight from working out and not from surgery. When you loose weight from bariatric surgery, you become flabby. She is solid, meaning she lost her weight naturally and worked out. She looks good and I’m proud of her for doing her thing.

    • hidaya

      Stop! U don’t know her family genetics. She might have her grandmama ‘nem breasteses. LoL. Genetics don’t play!

  • Terri Berri

    I still think she is wearing some kind of corset. That doesn’t matter though because she looks so cute! Jill Scott is a beautiful woman!!! Aaaaaah! She is so flippin underrated! This world doesn’t appreciate good music anymore 🙁

  • Guest

    This look comes from surgery. This is not weight loss-you lose weight all over. Well as long as she got what she wanted to see in the mirror. But don’t be fooled by this, this is surgery, probably liposuction.

    • Sunni_Dee

      Its a corset

    • Staytrue1

      You sound like an idiot. “probably liposuction.”

  • Sherry

    Wow. Way to go, Jill. Losing all that weight. Looking good. I ain’t mad at ya.


    Da mn jill….niiiice

  • lacey

    She still got fat lady breast, a reduction would really showcase her weight loss

    • guest

      She looks perfect the way she is. Perfect I say! If they become a problem I will quit my job and walk behind her and hold them up.

      • Tiffany Dailey

        It’s called having genetics that make your breast naturally big, not fat lady breast. Wow, there are really some ignorant comments on here about breast. Has anybody ever heard of Dolly Parton, very small waist with naturally big breast?

      • DCR1

        Love your answer!

    • DCR1

      She looks fab, most men will tend to agree. There’s enough cutting and surgery in this world over to conform to what someone else’s ideals of what perfection looks like on the body as it is., some have died for it!

      • xoxo

        As you can see no one agrees. She looks like she’s about to topple over.

      • DCR1

        As you can people did! I read the comments did you?

      • xoxo

        Lol a day late and a dollar short, how many screen names did you have to create jill is that you

      • DCR1

        Now you really are looking asinine, go grab that dictionary again! as you can see you are the one that’s a day late and a few brain cells short, as most of these comments were made SEVERAL months before mine! Would you care for a dum dum?

      • DCR1

        I’m sorry, were you under the impression that my comment was based on what everyone else thought? Awe silly you!

      • xoxo

        You’re delusional

      • DCR1

        Awe look at you, Grrrrrrrrrrr not my fault you lost brain cells, if you stop looking at yourself and admiring you all day and focus on something else for a change you may get something right for a change perhaps even your name!

      • DCR1

        There’s that stupid sentence AGAIN! So let me address this one first. I’m sorry, do you think my opinion is massed based and I don’t have enough intelligence to have my own thoughts? Silly you! Don’t answer as its Rhetorical! based on your comment above you’ll want to get a dictionary for that word!

      • xoxo

        You must be one of them big sloppy saggy breast ho3s all in ya feelings big mama. Like I said when her nudes dropped every man was disgusted by them flap jack tiddys

      • DCR1

        Well now don’t you feel better about coming clean and letting the world know what you really are? A HOOD RAT only a hood rat would come out of the gates swinging with comments such as yours as you have never seen me in your life! Well coupled with the fact that you cannot count, as you have shown us. I must admit I cannot take credit for any of the names you called me Ms. Hoodie R. and you have to stop all this daydreaming because it only makes you look more ridiculous throwing anger because I do not agree with you. Now I am going to end this silliness because I’m bored with this fiasco you stop skipping class and maybe just maybe you’ll get past the 8th grade! PEACE!

  • L.

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ulquiorra cifer

    leave them tig ol bitties alone that’s some fine wine right there you corner liquor store brand ladies don’t understand

  • Eva

    No matter what she did, lipo etc, she looks great so don’t hate! So damn sad we can’t give credit where it’s due. So ready to accuse someone of something. I know I’m not the only one who’s heard the expression “if you don’t have any thing nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all.” And for the record, you can’t slim down huge breasts just cause you lose weight, the lipo would’ve removed the excess from them. If you’re big breasted those are there to stay until you get a reduction.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    She’s lost a lot of weight. But for that look, she has on what my grandma used to call a girdle of some sort. Only way to get the middle that flat and the top that pushed out.

  • Kay

    The sad part is on the UNCF she’s a little larger.

  • mommydear

    Yesssssssssssssss honey.

  • Cuverlicious

    My “twin sista” Jill Scott now have the same shape as me… proud of her she keeping it real with them real woman’s curves!!

  • DCR1

    It doesn’t matter what she did to arrive at her current frame., as long as she is happy with Jill! and judging from the look on her face she is! Jill you look happy, vivacious, and beautiful!