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10 More Fast Food Joints That Need To Set Up Shop In NYC [PHOTOS]

Photo: Jack In The Box

Photo: Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box

This place is a vessel of burger delight that NYC locals would love. You folks should start a petition or something.

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  • They need to start putting that rat meat to use like the Asians do.


    New York is one of the fattest cities in the world. I don’t think they need anymore fast food options…

    • rainbow

      not the fattest in the country though

  • Dystaney Kimble

    Every city needs a Bojangles , Sonic, Zaxby’s ! So yummy . I cant believe Im commenting on food lol

  • 602Brieez602

    I’m in Arizona and we got all those places except for 3. That bojangels chicken place looks good. Damn now I’m hungry

  • Bella

    These would never work in NYC. Everything is watered down and expensive there. Zaxby’s have great prices and you can taste the quality…NYC would ruin that.


    Do they have any White Castle burger joints in NY?

    • Me2

      Yes there are several throughout Brooklyn & Queens.

  • You’renotme

    Damn I am on the west coast and if you come here for “In and Out” The line is so damn long sometimes you just pull off!!! LMAO! But it’s def one of the best burger spots in the world! I wish we had a Sonics near by though!! I would love to travel to the south just for Bojangles lol