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Wired 25: 25 “Famous” Rappers Who Never Went Platinum [PHOTOS]


In a strange twist of a fate, the current generation of rappers has spawned more superstars but less viable artists in terms of record sales.

Rick Ross just expressed his new sole desire was to obtain a platinum album. Ross is as big as superstar the rap game has ever seen in terms of appeal, marketability and hit records, so the fact he’s never reached that plateau could be somewhat surprising.

Although it is no mystery that the Internet has immolated any boundaries fans had to actually pay for music, there are still MCs that crack the million-sold mark. Albeit, they are virtually members of a very exclusive club.

Rozay should take comfort in knowing that he isn’t on an island by himself when it comes to never seeing one million sales on a LP. In fact, we over here at Hip-Hop Wired found 25 “famous” rappers who never went platinum excluding the biggest bawse. When we say famous, we mean artists with a massive social media following that extend beyond most of their peers.

One would think that a few tweets of an iTunes link would be able to generate a fraction of their Twitter followers but it hasn’t proved to be sure shot sales pitch just yet. Sales don’t always reflect quality but they hold a lot of weight within the industry.

Hit the gallery to see the close company Ross keeps in the Hip-Hop game.

Photo: Instagram/Wiz Khalifa

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  • Stillmatic

    Jadakiss a does have a platinum album.

    • pkny

      I was thinking the same thing, the second one “kiss of death”

  • nhn

    Timbaland has a platinum album!!!!