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7 Little Known Facts About The Late D12 Rapper Proof [PHOTOS]


6. The media portrayed Proof as a cold-blooded killer.

Proof’s lawyer, David Gorosh, accused the police and the media of being “reckless” for suggesting that his client fired the first shots without having any concrete evidence. It was later determined, amid conflicting reports, that a number of parties were involved in the heated argument that escalated into an all out brawl, that included Keith Bender and his cousin Mario Etheridge.

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  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    Another thing people don’t know.. Is Proof would murder eminem in battles.. Each and everytime..,

    He was a freestyle GOD… But couldn’t write a dope rhyme to save his life.

    But off the top of his head…. You honestly would not believe how much heat he’d bring.

  • Detroit Man

    Proof wasn’t sh*t. Don’t forget that he (Proof) shot another guy first that day. Proof knew full well that blacks ALWAYS talk crap if they’re beating you at a game (pool, horseshoes, cards), it’s part of the culture. It’s been that way for centuries… All of a sudden, he is too big of a star to play by the rules (which every black person knows well) of somebody talking stuff if they’re beating you at a game.

    • Paulina Jaye

      Yeah like Proof was really that stupid that he would throw his life and career away over something that petty. Why don’t people like you try doing some research before you go yapping your lips about stuff you have no clue about? Anybody that was there knows that the only
      person that fired a weapon that night was the bouncer. You shouldn’t
      speak on things that you have no knowledge of. There are things that
      went on in that club that the public has no clue about or the cover up
      that went on afterwards. There’s a whole lot more to this incident than
      what was reported by the press.

  • dubaiboy

    folks also don’t remember PROOF used to be managed by fashion designer Maurce Malone! (another Detroit scion)