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27-Year-Old Chicago Man Arrested for Raping 4-Year-Old Girl


A Chicago man was arrested and is being held without bail in a Cook County jail for allegedly raping a 4-year-old girl last Sunday (April 6).

Authorities found Demetrio Campbell, 27, smoking a cigarette in the closet of the Calument Park home where he attacked the child.

The convicted felon tried to lure the young victim, and her 7-year-old sister, towards him while they were playing outside. The girls ran away and locked themselves inside the home, but Campbell followed them. He kicked in the front door, and ordered an older witness out of a bedroom where he raped the 4-year-old girl. The witness called police.

Campbell lives with his girlfriend, in the neighborhood where he attacked the girl. He has been charged with predatory criminal sexual assault, and home invasion. A judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation for Campbell as well.

His grandfather, Charles Campbell, confirmed that the suspect has “mental problems” but didn’t name a specific ailment. He last saw his grandson a few weeks back. “His mind is not too good…He just talks crazy,” he said, adding “Something must have snapped.”

Photo: Cook County Sheriff’s Dept.

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  • currvalicious

    This is insane, nothing but the devil himself. He actually kicked in the door to the home to get to those babies. This is sickening, I hope they have plenty of fun w/his behind (literally) in jail. He’s done.

  • Ugh

    I’m from Chicago and I’m sick of hearing about all these paychotic hoodboogers every day ! And didn’t that Masonic DuPont heir just NOT go to jail for raping his babies ? Wtf is going on anymore ??

  • staygolden


  • I don’t understand the hate


  • Ayisha

    Mental illness is real, black people need to speak about this and stop hiding.