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Drake Visits Terminally-Ill Cancer Patient In Houston [PHOTOS]


For this, Drake is at least momentarily in the no-slander zone. The Toronto rapper made a teen and terminally-ill cancer patient’s dream come true by paying her a surprise visit in Houston. 

Reports VIBE:

Similar to the generosity extended by his Young Money cohort Nicki Minaj, Drake granted the wish of a terminally-ill teenage cancer patient with a visit to Houston, TX. Kennedy Brown, 15, a student at Carnegie Vanguard High School who suffers from an inoperable cancerous brain tumor, got a special surprise from Drizzy himself after her friends rallied for the rapper’s attention via social media.

Employing the hashtag #DrakeForKen, Kennedy’s friends appealed to Drake to ask that she get the chance to met him. This followed their organization of a prom and graduation for Kennedy, who was forced to stop attending school because of her condition. When the rapper got wind of her story, he said that he would record a personalized video for Kennedy, but a bigger surprise was in store when he paid her a visit.

Drake took to Instagram to share the experience. Check out the photos in the gallery.



Photos: Instagram/@champagnepapi

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      You make being totally ignorant look easy.

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    • TnTitan

      Wow…..tha hatred u got issues

      • Caribbean In The House

        I do not HATE

    • iskabibal

      You are despicable person and I hope all that hate eats you alive.

      • Caribbean In The House

        did it eat white people alive in america to kill all of them off yet so the negroes won’t get kick down by them anymore?

    • alict

      Even if you are just trolling, you have just shortened your days or that of a love one! Don’t mess with karma you ignorant fool!

  • tammy

    Wonderful.. My son passed from cancer also..cancer patients are the most resilient and courageous people . I can’t wait till the day..that cancer is finally defeated forever.

    • Caribbean In The House

      actually cancer is god punishment unto people. cancer is a plague and not a disease.

    • TnTitan

      I’m so sorry abt ur son. I lost my dad to prostate cancer, lik u I am praying for the day it’s defeated also….take care

      • tammy

        Thank u

      • Dee

        Sorry for your loss love xx

      • TnTitan

        I really appreciate that Dee, thank u.

  • TnTitan

    Not a big Drake fan but gotta give him some love for that

  • SunnyAutumnn

    Thank you for doing this Drake. You and Chris are such sweethearts for making sick children and adults dream come true, taking time out of your busy schedules without a second thought.

  • MsCreative1

    Good looking out Drake!

  • DRUNK247

    Good on him

  • A Real Man!

    I love him more and more each day. He seems so personable. I can see him going the Brad Pitt/Alicia Keys/Bono route when he slows down with his rap career.

  • guest

    Drake has a good heart. Beyonce is also a great example gives tickets to sick fans, sings to them, personally meets them backstage. ….she even has a couple of handicapped fans she stays in touch with and sends tickets to when she’s performing in their city.

  • guest

    I don’t care what anyone says about Drake. I Love him with all his emotions included. He writes good lyrics.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    This is why I love Drake…..How many rappers you see doing this?……

    • Im_The_Truth


    • @LAST

      a lot of them do, it’s just not what blogs what to see


    How nice of u drake…



  • rene

    That’s so awesome.Good job Drake.

  • Duannn

    That was very kind and humble of Drake to visit one of his biggest fans.

  • tracy

    Two thumbs up Drake…

  • Chanel Star

    This is absolutely beautiful. It’s good to see celebs give back to their fans especially like this.