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15 Twitter Reactions To Kid Cudi’s Coachella Crop Top [PHOTOS]


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  • Polar Vortex

    Kid Homo

  • Meelah

    Kid Boodie..This nicca 40 can we stop calling him Kid

  • It’s already been done

    People are running out of ideas to surprise us and make the news. This too shall pass once people start to ignore the forced attention getting attire. There is nothing else left to do, just be yourself.


    He looks a dayum mess. Even though back in the 80s they wore tops like that (including the men) he needs to stop. Everybody wanna stand out but they look a mess. They are trying too hard just like his raps!

    • Dystaney Kimble

      lol exactly

  • RoyalGreen

    Nothing wrong with the crop top. Men use to do it a while ago. Why is it a problem.?

    • New age

      The problem is day and age. Are ok with men going outside with leggings and a wig on because our first president did so. Is it ok to go outside with nothing but in ox fur long shirt suit because thats what cavemen did so in their time?

      • lnksmill

        It is okay as long as your not breaking the law. Its not for me. But everybody has the right to dress how they want.

  • African Royalty

    I haven’t seen a grown man rocking a crop top since the 1980’s chit looks kinda gay now if you ask me.

  • Noize4u

    He’s looking for attention by the way does this guy only make music for the white folks? I don’t know any other songs this dude sings or rap about besides day n night.

    • Bambi

      If we had a racial draft the white people could have him!
      …..but who should they give us?

      • Justin Bieber?

      • Bambi

        Hell no!

      • bed stuy

        black delegation request KATE UPTON!!

      • Bambi

        I like Kate, I’ll 2nd.
        But they gotta throw in Channing Tatum! Yum!

      • Lol
        I felt that response.

    • surfsup

      That’s because you haven’t done your homework to actually go look at his music.

  • Thug_Guy

    If you have a stomach like that might as well show it off!!!

  • Thug_Guy

    Its funny it can be -1 degrees outside and girls will find a way to show all there skin booty tits and stomach but if a dude shows is in shape six pack in 80 degree weather then he doing to much or it looks gay GTFOH, and its 2014 n!ggas wear what they want Snoop proved that with his painted nails!!!

    • Nergô please

      STFU faggott

  • YoRachetHouseGuest

    I thought Coachella is where people did retro, hippie, and hipster looks like this. Fits the theme to me. Now everyday look? Nah.

  • R!-Goddamn-Diculous

    So he croppin’ huh…lol

  • Dj43209

    I just want to know……..why anyone should care

  • christmas808

    Drug heads don’t care what yaw think….