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The Best & Worst Dressed At The 2014 MTV Movie Awards [PHOTOS]


Award shows are always more than an acceptance speech and a photo op with the trophy. At times the celebrity fashion on and off the red carpet is the biggest draw from the entire ceremony. In that aspect the 2014 MTV Movie Awards didn’t disappoint.

The 23rd annual MTV Movie Awards was attended by Hollywood’s elite and budding stars. That wide spectrum produced a mix of formal wear, casual looks and outfits that could only be defined as struggle.

Yes, this event encourages fashion freedom. However, some individuals were a bit too lax with their approach.

So we present the best and worst dressed at the MTV Movie Awards. Let us know who got it right and who needed to have a sit-down with their stylist.

Photo: Instagram

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  • Hannibal DaAnimal

    So now Jessica Alba is married to Justin Timberlake?! #SinceTheFuckWhen?! #WhoChecksYourFacts Justin Timberlake is married to JESSICA BIEL!!

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    Never seen Nicki Minaj look so normal