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Blast In Nigerian Capital Leaves At Least 71 Dead [PHOTOS]


Nigeria Explosion

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  • tarrilove

    It sounds cruel but they need to stop giving media coverage on these terrorists attacks. It should be very limited info given. To deter future terrorists. That’s their only glory is the attacks being world news and causing hysteria.

  • woman looking towards Africa

    “A largely brushed aside…at most, indirect threat to the rest of the country, occurring far away from the seat of government…”

    If you read that, would you be under the impression that they are referring to 71 living breathing human beings who were murdered? Omg. Of all the questions that this horrific incident and this article inspire, I think the callous disregard for human life and dark bodies (as put on display for our viewing pleasure) is yet another largely brushed aside pandemic which is at least, a direct indication of the mass psychosis occurring near and asunder the seat of peoples across the globe as it pertains to the dehumanization of heavily melalinated people.