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The Break Up: 10 Things We Learned From Black Ink Crew [Photos]



3rd Eye Vision

Dutchess tried to squash her beef with Sassy. But Sassy ain’t sure Dutch won’t flip, again. Can’t blame her.

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  • linda

    Caesar needs to leave Dutchess alone although he was guilty for cheating, Dutchess is a NUT CASE

  • bed stuy

    Jakes in Harlem ride around in Nissans yo. Also, dutch and Caesar crib looked like it could use a upgrade son!

  • Icare

    Dutchess is a beautiful, independent woman. Her look is untouchable when she gets dressed up and one day a baller will be sportin’ her around town and Cesar will realize then, she is gone.

    • CoCo


    • Toni B.

      And once she takes the make-up off then what will the baller think then? LOL she is a dirty butt just like the rest of them, especially with her apartment. She had the nerve to talk about Caesar’s money issues but you have clothes everywhere with an empty apartment. Oh lets not forget about the air mattress in the middle of your living room, but you are bragging about having a BMW o_O

  • Phil J.

    when sky picked up that bottle I DIED OF LAUGHTER lol “let me go get a glass of wine” cut to her taking it to the head LMAO

  • Prinlee

    Why ain’t nobody tell Sky her stomach ain’t flat!!

    • nicci

      Exactly come on son

  • Monica Costa

    Dutchess is so raggedy. Her apartment looked crusty. Ceaser is better off without her. He needs to stay single. I like Sky but she should cover her midriff. and I am so Done with O Sh*t new baby mothers voice. She sounds like she sucked on helium.

  • juicy

    This break up is a good thing! She needs to find herself again. Miscarriage changes a woman, then I know it was killing her to have to choose between her life and her child’s life. Which in the end she didn’t have to choose, GOD chose for her. That killed her spirit, it hurt her soul. IMO him cheating was the light at the end of a dark tunnel. She did become crazy because she focused on everything except her and what she was going through. She feel but I’m sure she will get back up and be the strong woman we watched in season 1.

  • mommydear

    I love me some Ceasar, dont you.say nothing about my Ceasar. No but for real though. Ceasar and Dutch were really a cute couple, but they had that GHETTO LOVE and sometimes thats not always a good thing. Dutch needs someone that can calm her not respond with the same type of fire that she has. If they would have stayed together it would have gotten more tumultuous. Ceas shouldn’t have Cheated on her like he did, but it was just a matter of time before the relationship ended for one reason or another. Hopefully they both will find love.

  • Pinkyde

    The only thing I learned about Black Ink was to never get a tattoo from there. I’d have to bring my own needle… ink… artist. Scabies has to be running ramped in that shop. The chick who got the rainbow tattoo… Yuck. That thing looked diseases before she even left the shop.

  • juicedup

    They both should move on, seriously.

  • TheyKhallMiKellz

    i love, love, love Sassy & Puma. Duchess is in desparate need of some therapy and the men of the show sans Puma all need some kind of male role model.

  • Chaz

    Im still dying laughing from the pic they did with the HD caption. KMSL. Oh the wonders of Make-up. I use to like their relationship, but Dutchess… Smh. And Cease….. Stupid mofo.