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Bodybuilding Breakdowns: 17 Pro Wrestlers Who Died From Health Problems [PHOTOS]


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Macho Man Randy Savage

Died: Age 58

The wrestling legend had a sudden fatal heart attack while driving with his wife on May 20, 2011.



Died: Age 34

Rodney Anoaʻi was 580 pounds at the time of his death in 2000. A prime contributor to the pulmonary edema that did him in.

“Flyin'” Brian Pillman

Died: Age 35

THe popular figure in all three professional wrestler circuits died from a heart condition

Chris Candido

Died: Age 33

Although he was a former WWF, WCW, ECW champion and otherwise a healthy pro athlete, Candido died from complications of pneumonia after destroying his leg in the ring during a 2005 cage match.

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  • Sp0lks MaNia

    Ok, if your gonna talk about wrestlers ans their “health issues” GET IT RIGHT!!! For example, Flyin’ Brian Pillman committed suicide.

  • GAW

    What?? no dear. It’s remembering motivation that’s it nothing else. eww u think im gay? lol some can’t take #noshade

  • truth

    brian pillman did not commit suicide #fact