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August Alsina Checks 106 & Park Host For Asking Trey Songz Question [VIDEO]


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  • Esmeralda

    Well damn…

  • missasheliz

    Well I agree if he told them not to ask then they shouldn’t. Quite frankly I’m tired of people bring it up when I watch his interviews. I just want to hear the music. Lol now ya’ll know if Trey asked them not to ask they wouldn’t have asked right?!.

    • Coke

      As a good interviewer, you want to ask the type of questions people actually want to know about and hear the answers to. Alsina is so new in the game someone from his team should have coached him on how to react when/if something like this happens because it happens all the time. Interviews are supposed to be juicy and “against the grain” that’s what draws people’s attention you have to ask the right questions. Other artists have been in this predicament. He may have spoken about it already in other interviews but not everyone knows about the other interviews. What if this was a viewers 1st time seeing him on television? I believe if trey was asked a question he asked them not to ask him he would have been suave about it or try and joke about not answering the question. He’s beautiful like that lol.

      • Bloop!


      • Joshua

        August is just real he doesn’t need to joke about it or sugar code he’s honest

      • BReal

        Tell me how is that being “Real”. He didnt spread any wise scripture. There is a difference between being REAL and being RUDE. He was Rude

      • DatBoiMiko

        She was being rude to by asking that question when he told them he wasn’t their to talk about another artist he’s beefing with.Hes been asked that question in everyone of his interviews & he do a lot of’em.

      • Crowd Updater

        Both were rude. Keshia for asking something he didnt want to discuss, and his response to the question.

      • knowerofall

        Sugar coat*

      • missasheliz

        Aha I do agree for the most part. Trey probably would have joked but from what I have seen August aint that type of dude to do such. Ya’ll don’t want to hear August talk about the issue between Trey & him, there is nothing juicy about it…. Lol It’s quite boring to me! I hear August album is fire, lets go support the man that’s why he was on the show in the first place.

      • Crowd Updater

        Actually, as someone who has interviewed people, your job during the interview is not to get “juicy details.” There used to be a thing called journalistic integrity, and altho as a blogger, those lines are sometimes blurred because we’re not considered “true” journalists, they still exist. Same for this situation. The beef between those two singers has already been touched in other interviews given by Alsina, so being asked the same question (after making it clear he didn’t want to discuss it) is redundant and NOT GOOD JOURNALISM/INTERVIEW. I’m not excusing the way August answered the question (clearly not professional and lacking in the PR dept) but that question has been answered already. Journalists/ interviewers also are expected to respect the person’s wishes if they don’t want to discuss a topic or say it’s “off the record.” But because all of you are used to TMZ and Media Takeout headlines and stories, none of you know the difference.

      • Nef

        I don’t agree because if he didn’t want to speak on the topic, Keisha should’ve left it alone especially if they discussed pre-interview questions before the show. How would you like it if someone continue to ask you the same question a million times. August is actually smart in not replying because that will be less promotion for his album, and giving more promotion to Trey Songz. I mean the public is never satisfied then if he keeps talking about it you all are going to complain that he needs to drop the subject, that he’s hating trying to come up off of Trey Songz’s shine. I’m so glad I’m not a celebrity the public is so crazy and negative!

  • SweetestGAPeach


  • Ohsorandom

    chris brown 2.0

  • dannie

    I think he could of said it n a more polite way. Like saying I have no comment. Or I decline to answer any questions pertaining to that subject.

  • Jillian Wade

    That’s what journalist do, it’s there job to find answers . Many celebs get asked questions they have requested no to be asked and they politely decline to comment. If he acting like that now, no one will want him on their show.

    • brightbright

      they are not journalist, they are just people with a microphone.

      • Crowd Updater

        Thank you

      • Jillian Wade

        noun: journalist; plural noun: journalists
        1. a person who writes for newspapers or magazines or p

    • Joshua

      And that’s false he’s different and very up front everyone is gona want him on their show

  • brightbright

    what do you want? they told the
    106 and park crew not to mention something and you go and bring it up anyway. the thirst for controversy is clear.

  • Jim Jones Junior

    cornball….beef with women who are a whole foot shorter than you. gaye, who is he singing his love songs to? other men?

    • Who r U

      The story about the beef was on Russ Parr a while ago it had to do with Trey not wanting to go on 1st at a show. August is just speaking truth. As for her she is grimy and not a good host at ALL. If you read this article it clearly states she violated but he could have handled it better. I feel like he did well. She disrespected and he got back with her. She was trying to be cute and get some attention on the blogs well he gave her what she wanted 🙂
      For the record I was done when she went in on Kim.K like how she get where she is being Drake’s ex? Who is she?

      • Shuvonneco Von Jones

        Shut up August was wrong if he want to speak on it he shoulden said anything in the first place he got one album and already showing his as i wooden want on my show either rude

  • faebae

    Well he told them not to ask lol he gives off a undercover crazy vibe. Like he so fine but yet he’ll smack the sh*t out of y’all had a argument lol. I still like his music though

  • Bloop!

    Fair enough but August Asalina (lol) needs to learn how to be a fvkn professional and shut something like that down with class regardless of the agreement. No wonder most think we’re lowest on the totem. Don’t burn bridges dummy. Never even heard of dude before that thot video. Pure b*tch move and Bow standin there like? Someone get august a tampon.

  • Erika11

    August isn’t wrong. She should know from the industry and from the multiple interviews where he stands. she violated the rule and got what she deserved. I mean, he asked them not to bring it up! And to make it worse, she kept digging trying to pull in the fans, saying we want to know.. WE already know. I feel like if he had said no comment, she would’ve did the same thing.

  • d. smith

    she asked for it. he had every right to hit her with a chin-check when it came to how slick she was trying to be.

    • BReal

      Aint nobody ask for NOTHING. Why are yall so ignorant?

  • He won’t be here next year. ||

  • BReal

    He must not know how to do a interview properly. You dont go on somewhere and expect not to be asked about thungs that YOU started. Trey didnt say a word about him and still hasnt. But August wanna go and talk to everybody so that is his problem. But bottom line is U dont speak to a female like that. Especially onn National Television. He needs to learn that the Hood can’t travel with you everywhere. U have to leace that at home. When you are going to a professional place, U need to learn how to be professional.

  • zanee gray

    how would yall feel if someone asked yal a question about a situation you asked them not to bring up, doesnt matter if hes new to the game or not dont try to slick disrespect him ! and TRUST hes not going anywhere ..

    • Shuvonneco Von Jones

      August should have told the hold world do see trey talking about it no one album and he talking shit.yall think it’s cool it’s not its sad

  • SuckaFreeLeo


  • Shuvonneco Von Jones

    That was wrong to be rude to her she was kusy doing he job if August didnt anyone to speak on it he should have never said anything he got one album out and already smelling himself dont see trey speaking on it.he did in the interviews now he don’t want to talk about it.thats not beening real.he want last long

  • Brittany Lee

    he rude as f*ck. I don’t care what anybody says. him being a celebrity, he should have handled it better than that.

  • Destiny Perrilloux

    I don’t think he was rude in any way, shape, or form because like he said she went against the grain and did exactly what she asked him not to.