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Certified Fresh: King Los – A Crown Without Gravity Is Never Heavy



Hip-Hop Wired: But you have been moving. Hip-Hop Wired questioned whether or not you had the best “5 Fingers of Death” freestyle when we posted your Sway in the Morning appearance.

King Los: All-time? I’ve heard that. But it’s weird to me because none of my verses are premediated. I just went on there and did what I be doing. And had fun! I like the energy that me and Sway have. I just think in terms of someone standing next to me in a rap battle when the DJ throws on a beat. I didn’t even prepare for that. I could do that every time. I’ve freestyled for two hours straight before in college.

Hip-Hop Wired: Would you say that rap is coming back around to your prefered style or are you still kind of on a boat of your own?

King Los: I’m still kind of on a boat of my own just in the sense of I like to do super different stuff. I’m glad it’s that way, however. I came up with the Big Pun’s, the Eminem’s, the Canibus’s–the lyrical creatives and in that regard, it made me want to be super different. So even if when it comes back around to what I’m doing now, I want to change to something even more astronomical. That’s just me. You can’t just listen to my raps. You have to research them. There’s an exact science to them. Every flow I create something new within in those moments and a lot of people miss it.

Hip-Hop Wired: There’s a prime example on Zero Gravity II on the song with Royce Da 5’9″, “Don’t Get in My Way.” The line about the one Benz.

King Los: Oh yeah, I said: “Benz on the arm, you can call that an elbow/Get it? I said Benz on the arm/Meaning what you push depends on the strength of your arm/And at the same time, your elbow bends on your arm/But I’m really in a Bent, with the arm/And I’ve got it bullet proof, so really I’ve got the whole bent armed/Same color as baking soda with the old bent arm.” I’m the guy who wants to make that line. I can say that in confidence that nobody else is putting that much detail into a bar. And then creating entendres and different things to build up the construction of the song.

That’s what I was born to do so to speak.


King Los – Play Too Rough


French Montana ft. Machine Gun Kelly, Diddy, Red Cafe & Los – “Ocho Cinco”


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