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Miley Cyrus Says Mike WiLL Made It Is “Disgusting = Murderous”?


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  • smexy

    He gave her an std?

    • BossLady206

      Allegedly. Mike Will go ahead and get that clean std checkup and instagram that. She’s just in her feelings because she had an allergic reaction to her anti-biotics. She wasnt saying nothing bad about this dude till he was hospialized. Newsflash Miley…many std’s can live in your infected c0ck with no symptoms for months….so be sure you test all the scuzzbuckets you let bust in your jaw before you go making accusations…

  • bozack69

    Miley Virus calling someone ‘disgusting’? Her tongue is on the germ warfare hit list.


    I knew it was only a matter of time before she caught something

  • njoyabl


  • Michael Rose

    It looks more like he sold her some bad drugs. Probably weed laced with something xtra.

  • Meelah

    She was allergic to anti maybe she had a STD..but she the one tongue wagging, drinking after strangers, kissing and humping on how is it his fault..

  • staygolden

    Ok, everything makes sense but the last page. They tried to clean that up to his face and he bought it? This looks a lil weird. TMZ reported that she was at the Intercontinental Hotel hours before her show looking fine. Then cancelled last minute.



  • RUD3_GAL_N3N3

    What am I the only one confused?

  • mommydear

    Ok. First lets start off by saying TRIFLING if this is a real story. But honestly I just cant see Miley or her camp admitting to her having some type of std to the public. Thats not a smart move on their part. So, story a little questionable to me. If this is real, people grow up. This is not cute.

  • Queen2Cent

    I guess she’ll be crossing back over to “White Mode”.

  • Suk_m3_h47d

    “NOW GET OFF MY DICK……..genital wart I got from Miley Cyrus!”