Bernadette Giacomazzo

No Chill: The 15 Most Offensive Tweets By Companies


US Airways is only the latest in a series of companies that have tweeted something stupid, offensive, or otherwise just plain head to desk-worthy.

Whether it’s a “bro-grammer” whose white privilege let him get away with a mere firing, or it’s a kitchen appliances company who thought it was cute to offend a President’s dead grandmother, or even if it’s Justine Sacco (who deserves a category onto herself), it’s not just your ratchet Cousin NuNu or Struggle Rapper Pookie’n’Blu’n’em who just tweets through it.

Behold, 15 examples of how a corporate name can’t hide the ratchet…

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  • DRUNK247

    Monkey jokes are worn out

  • bigshot

    I don’t get the monkey joke. Monkeys are pale I have saw way more whites that look like monkeys. But I will say I saw a some black ppl that look like gorillas though lol

  • BossLady206

    The f$cked sh$t is that these people only got fired after public outcry’s. The companies didnt seem to give two f$cks until the world thought they were racist…let one of us tweet some cracker sh$t and see how fast we’re standing at unemployment line.