Bernadette Giacomazzo

No Chill: The 15 Most Offensive Tweets By Companies



7. Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt is a comedian on Comedy Central whose offensive proclamations count as “satire.” And as this tweet shows, this is what counts as “funny” these days (he apparently didn’t get the memo that REAL comedy is about NOT “punching down”). Then again, mainstream comedy is performed by short, fat white guys trying to be cool with their clothes from the Sears “husky” section, so this shouldn’t be too surprising…

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  • DRUNK247

    Monkey jokes are worn out

  • bigshot

    I don’t get the monkey joke. Monkeys are pale I have saw way more whites that look like monkeys. But I will say I saw a some black ppl that look like gorillas though lol

  • BossLady206

    The f$cked sh$t is that these people only got fired after public outcry’s. The companies didnt seem to give two f$cks until the world thought they were racist…let one of us tweet some cracker sh$t and see how fast we’re standing at unemployment line.