Bernadette Giacomazzo

No Chill: The 15 Most Offensive Tweets By Companies




At the time that Gilbert Gottfried sent these offensive tweets about the Japanese tsunami, he was the spokesman for AFLAC (actually, he was the voice of that annoying duck…AFLAC!). On the same day he sent the tweets, he was fired from his position…proof that not even celebrities are immune to the axe if they get out of line. (Although whether one would call Gilbert Gottfried a celebrity is debatable.)

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  • DRUNK247

    Monkey jokes are worn out

  • bigshot

    I don’t get the monkey joke. Monkeys are pale I have saw way more whites that look like monkeys. But I will say I saw a some black ppl that look like gorillas though lol

  • BossLady206

    The f$cked sh$t is that these people only got fired after public outcry’s. The companies didnt seem to give two f$cks until the world thought they were racist…let one of us tweet some cracker sh$t and see how fast we’re standing at unemployment line.