Bernadette Giacomazzo

No Chill: The 15 Most Offensive Tweets By Companies



8. Gubernatorial Candidate Rob McKenna

We shouldn’t be surprised that ridiculous, offensive comments have come out of a right-winger’s mouth, but you know you hit an all-new level of offensive when you say something that even Republicans find offensive. But that was exactly the case when Kathlyn Ehl, a staffer for gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna, tweeted the following offensive comments. Right after the uproar, the genius child resigned her position. #byefelicia

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  • DRUNK247

    Monkey jokes are worn out

  • bigshot

    I don’t get the monkey joke. Monkeys are pale I have saw way more whites that look like monkeys. But I will say I saw a some black ppl that look like gorillas though lol

  • BossLady206

    The f$cked sh$t is that these people only got fired after public outcry’s. The companies didnt seem to give two f$cks until the world thought they were racist…let one of us tweet some cracker sh$t and see how fast we’re standing at unemployment line.