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Smush Parker, a former NBA journeyman that played – and feuded – with Kobe Bryant can’t seem to escape the struggle. The Brooklyn native punched the teenage son of a pair of HGTV hosts during a pickup basketball game.

Parker, 32, was in a pick up game with Wolfgang Novogratz, 16, last week at Basketball City at Pier 36. Novogratz, who appeared with his parents on the Bravo series 9 By Design, was apparently cooking Parker on the court and then played some aggressive defense. The 6-foot-2, 185 pound Poly Prep high school star was then allegedly socked in the face shortly after by the bigger and heavier Parker.

From Page Six:

“Wolfie scored back-to-back baskets on Smush,” said my source. “At the other end, Smush went up for a shot. There was a hard foul, and they both went down. Smush got up and punched Wolfie in the face.”

Much like Parker’s career, he didn’t deliver a knockout, though Novogratz did get checked out at a hospital later and reported no injuries. According to the Page Six article, Novogratz will not press charges.

Novogratz’s parents, Robert and Cortney Novogratz, host the HGTV show Home By Novogratz.

Photo: YouTube

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