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New Chris Brown Mugshot Revealed, Looks Haggard [PHOTOS]



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  • Jones

    Satan is tearing Chris up…..poor Chris 🙁

    • Ski Sker

      Satan isn’t real. Chris, and to a lesser extent his environment, created this situation.

      • djs

        That’s a lie. Satan is Real !!!!

      • Ski Sker

        Of course he isn’t, that’s utterly ridiculous to even think such a thing.

      • TRUTH

        The devil is real. To bad Negros don’t know who he is. My people fall victim due to the lack of knowledge. I’m not talking about the bullish-t s–called knowledge u get in these university either.

      • Tré Sinclare

        Black people are pathetic. You one of them Farrakhan negroids

  • Ive_Decided

    I actually feel bad for Chris Brown. God bless you. Have faith in God. It will be alright.

    – I’ve Decided

    • Ski Sker

      Having faith in something isn’t a good quality. Faith, by definition, is when you believe in something when there’s no solid reason to believe in that thing. Chris Brown should continue to work on himself and work through his anger problems, not place his future in the hands of spirits and pixies.

      • Tré Sinclare

        Black women are pathetic

      • Ski Sker

        Racism is pathetic. Black women attack me every day I visit this site, and even I don’t think that. Black women are just regular women for the most part, like anyone else. If you really think they are so pathetic, ignoring them would be a good start – not coming online and trolling your hate for them.

  • KeepingItReal

    This is nothing but the white devil. Any successful, wealthy black male celebrity who CHOOSES to date black women are CRUCIFIED. Look at Columbus Short and Chris Brown. They are trying to crucify him…for what???? Chris Brown in jail…looks better than ALL his haters on their best day.

    • jasmine

      Those two are going through it because they don’t know how to act. It’s not ok to run around beating up people.

      • BossLady206

        Seriously. His current incarceration is because he can’t get his anger in check. It has nothing to do with dating black women. And Columbus seems to be the same kind of stupid threatening his wife with a murder suicide. #accountability

      • Nigg.Newton

        What are these Black WOMEN doing to these men.

        Black Men, stay away from Black Women…they TROUBLE…

    • Ski Sker

      This has nothing to do with black women, stop trying to be a victim. Chris Brown’s girlfriend is mixed anyway. Columbus Short and Chris Brown both assaulted women, and there are dozens of other black actors with black wives that you’re willfully choosing to ignore so you can feel bad about your place in life.

  • Black H0es are Least Married

    i don’t even see anything bad about these pics. he looks bored and in need of a haircut. so…

  • tammy

    His mugshot look better than most people driver license

  • Ski Sker

    Are you actually making a story about how a guy in jail doesn’t look good? My goodness, stop the presses! STOP THE PRESSES! Everyone?! Hey! Listen up! IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH: People in jail don’t look very good! Okay?


    • FiFi London

      Right he went from rehab straight to jail…who looks good in rehab…not news I agree..

      • Ski Sker

        They act like they were waiting for him to smile bright and flex his abs or something.

      • FiFi London

        Right like he was about to shoot his new “mugshot” video..gtfoh…he is down on his luck who looks good going through a “rough time”…it is how he comes out on the other side that matters..and last time..he came out with “look at me now” and made that not ever count CB out..

  • djs

    I feel for his mom !!

  • 4RGSpot

    Prayers for Chris Brown and hopes that he can straighten his life out. Very talented young man who just needs some guidance and the Lord’s help

    • Xzamilio

      Your prayers are about as useful as throwing a nickel in the air and hoping it comes back down a 100 dollar bill.

  • PolkaDots

    I’m sooo freakin’ tired of desperados LEAKING crap. Whoever LEAKED this should be FIRED.

    • Godzilla Jr.

      Mugshots are in the public domain.

      • PolkaDots

        Not all municipalities release this information — if it were TEXAS, then I would agree with you…Just like not every municipality puts criminal/civil case information online. Could it still be obtained – the old fashion way, using the constitution, reason, and i.d….yes….

        Someone LEAKED THIS – and they should be FIRED.

  • Brittany

    lookin like El Debarge

  • oldschool

    He still look good to me always will God still working on Chris keep your head up there are snakes and Devils out there and haters stay in Pray God need to
    her from you he is the Way and the light he love you
    what ever happen be strong and learn from it if it
    doesn’t Kill you Learn from it walk in Faith

  • Oblivously

    I thought he was a thug, this fool is an embarrassment