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August Alsina: “F*ck You, Too” To 106 & Park Detractors [VIDEO]


A recent appearance on BET’s 106 & Park has August Alsina in the midst of media controversy that has fans and music lovers alike divided. The singer openly spoke on the matter while promoting his debut album, Testimony, on Sway In The Morning.

If you aren’t aware, Alsina has some words for 106 & Park host Keshia Chanté, who inquired about his issues with Trey Songz after he specifically requested not to be asked that question. The Def Jam artist expressed feelings of being played and feeling like his actions were justified.

“I was played, man,” Alsina said. “Here’s the thing. I look like the bad guy right now because of how I been portrayed. Really, people don’t know. First of let me say, I ain’t no b*tch, I ain’t no hoe, I ain’t no p*ssy, I ain’t no pushover. None of the above. So nobody… don’t play with me! Like, lead me to believe something that is not. If you tell me we ain’t gon talk about this when I ask you… You lied right to my face! So don’t blindside me!”

He also had a message for detractors and those who side with Chanté. “And if anybody feel like I disrespected her or whatever, it’s like, ‘Okay, cool! Fuck you, too!’ and that’s what it is.” Well, there you have it folks.

Hear August Alsina speak more in the clip below. Give us your thoughts on the now infamous encounter in the comments.

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  • N.s. Ugezene

    Well, his career won’t last. If he really thinks that he can go off on an interviewer for a question like that then he doesn’t have good PR skill. I could see if Keshia Chante was malicious like Wendy Williams. All he had to do was respectfully say he didn’t want to discuss that instead of cussing at her. This was simply another case of “when keepin’ it real goes wrong.”

    • Guest

      He’ll be just fine. In this day and age with the internet, media outlets need the artists more than the artists need the media outlets. She should learn to stick to her word if she wants other artists to come onto her show