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LA Street Artist Paints Mural Of Kanye West Depicted As Jesus Crucified [PHOTOS]


Kanye West appears to be the inspiration behind a piece of festive street art in Los Angeles

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  • Guest

    Kanye West is really confused. He claims to be a Christian, yet calls himself a god?? I hope people do not follow this “religion” that was created to praise him. What has he done for us?? Did he die on the cross for our sins? Kanye has let his love of fame and fortune overtake his love for God. You need to check your salvation buddy…

    • justme

      Extreme “Thirst” on a Whole “Nother Level 🙁

    • Ski Sker

      One could argue that you are confused, to make a judgment about Kanye based on the work of someone else who is not Kanye but is only depicting Kanye West. I understand that you allegation is that Ye calls himself a god, however that’s not what this story is about, it was only mentioned in the body of the article. Christianity is immoral by premise so it’s no big deal that people are making art that makes light of it.

    • summer

      He sold his soul llonngg time ago. He is Luciferian now..fact…just look at all of his new vids, clothing, symbols and he even says it in one of his demonic rants.

  • lolzy

    looks like a ragdoll with diapers on, if u ask me.
    anyone noticed the respectable questionmark lol

  • Wendy

    They say its an “unknown artis” bullshit! Kanye hired someone to do this. PERIOD!

    • Ski Sker


    • jay

      Lmao no