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Saviors: 15 Rappers Who Wifed Vixens & Strippers


Despite the allure of “fast money,” the stripper game is not an easy one. So it’s no surprise that many of them look at rappers as their Golden Ticket off the pole. Said “pole athletes” have to dance, literally, for hours in exchange for sweaty dollar bills; on “off” nights, they go home with, literally, pennies on the dollar; too many of them “age out” of the business without a Plan B (few Fortune 500 companies look favorably upon “makin’ dat’ass clap” as a listed skill set); and the list goes on. Many strippers are literally counting the hours until they can get out of the business.

And let’s not even discuss the travails of the 2014 Video Vixen: whereas a vixen could once command thousands of dollars per video, today’s vixen is lucky to get gas money and a bottle of water. Like the 2014 stripper, the 2014 video vixen also can find the allure of the “ballin'” lifestyle of the average rapper to be her way out of the trenches.

Alas, many are called, but few are chosen. Here’s Hip-Hop Wired’s list of rappers who played Captain Save-A-Vixen…

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  • Kai’s Mummy

    What’s up with Wiz’s left arm? I knew he was skinny but damn, skeletor in the house!

    • Tisha

      He’s rich … he could buy himself a big arm if he wanted . Slap yourself.

      • jade laby

        My Uncle Connor got Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
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    • Aang


  • Melody Carroll

    why does wiz look so girly now not good look

  • Alot of men feel that video girls, and dancers are fr3akie, thats why they want them

    • Tisha

      Girls who don’t dance are the real freak$ but for a few sweet words and a plate of Mickey D’S.

      Most of you don’t make these guys wear protection and get knocked up wondering why they dont love you anymore. Well hello, he was only pi$$ing on a tree and leaving his mark. Now he’s on to the next spending child support in the club and not on your ba$tard child.

      • Goldiloxx

        This must be ur life

      • Tisha

        Nope. I’m just observant and educated on economics

    • Beverly

      Is Wiz on heroin and that big jaw baby look like Kanye.

      • NYC Gal

        The kid looks just like Amber!

      • Aang


      • Aang


  • Guest

    And hence the thot generation. H0es are winning. Real women are LOSING

    • Tisha

      You’re a typical misogynistic thug who can’t stand the fact that free cookies has gone out the window. No more freebies for losers.

    • Aang


  • Tisha

    Uhhh I use to make 500 to 12 grand in a night so this article is speaking on h00drat hole in the wall places.

    • Goldiloxx

      “Use to make” are the operative words here sweety.

  • NYC Gal

    Wasn’t Coco a stripper? I thought she was a stripper before she became a vixen.

    • Aang


  • coco

    @ Kai’s Mummy and he is holding his pants up…yup yup, skeletor for sure…

    • Aang


  • Ben Ricks

    These dudes don’t have no game. They like hoes because that’s all they know. When the money runs out the hoes move on. As long as you know the rules , then you can play the game.

  • Christophe Tam

    Mimi was in music videos

  • OBZ26

    That’s not Dollica though … ?

  • Aang