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Nas Teams With Google & Microsoft To Offer Tech Scholarships


They say Nas’ lyrics are borderline scientific, but we’re willing to bet you didn’t see this coming. The Queensbridge rapper has teamed with Microsoft and Google to offer tech scholarships, and the rapper’s financial aid will specifically cater to African-Americans and Latinos. 

Reports General Assembly:

Tech has a serious diversity problem — so General Assembly (GA), the New York City private vocational school for programming and engineering, is now opening an “Opportunity Fund” to give scholarships to women, veterans, African-Americans and Latinos.

The first contributors to the fund are Google, Microsoft, Hirepurpose and Nas.

Yes, rapper and recording artist Nas, the man who brought us “Illmatic.” The partnership with Nas began when he met GA cofounder Matt Brimer at SXSW, but Nas isn’t the only media figure to approach GA about these kinds of programs.

Each of the donors is taking on a target demographic. Google will provide scholarship money for women, Hirepurpose and Microsoft will fund veterans and Nas’s QueensBridge Venture Partners will sponsor African-Americans and Latinos.

Life is still good for Nas and the students he will be looking out for with these scholarships.

Nas’ debut album, Illmatic, recently hit the 20-year milestone.

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    It sounds good, but why only African-Americans and Latinos? I hope he’s reading all the fine prints and crossing T’s and dotting I’s.

    • Black_Tesla

      RE-read the article. Its a team Effort between Google, Microsoft, and Bad to support women, veterans, blacks and latinos

      • JAYLUV1

        I didn’t understand at first if the rapper’s financial aid was something seperate. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • needitnow

    uh how do i apply is the real question sign me up!!!

  • kiki

    mis leading title. google and microsoft are partnering with the same folks as Nas, but all donating parties are contributing to the demographic of their choice. google and microsoft ain’t “teaming up with Nas” for sh*t. He is looking out for the black n brown kids. Thanks Nas!