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Dust Devils: 7 Gruesome Crimes Related To PCP [PHOTOS]



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photo: YouTube/KBAK

Angelo Mendoza Sr.

In May of 2009, Angelo Mendoza Sr. was charged with mayhem, torture, child cruelty and inflicting an injury to a child for eating his then 4-year-old son’s left eye out and damaging the boy’s right eye, while high on PCP. Angelo Mendoza Jr. told authorities “my daddy ate my eyes,” when they came to the scene.

Police arrived at the Bakersfield, Calif. home to find the elder Mendoza, who is confined to a wheelchair, was hacking away at his own legs. A judge found him legally insane, and sentenced him to a state mental hospital.

The younger Mendoza was left partially blind.

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  • Ricoswag305

    If you’re taking drugs and do something stupid to yourself you’re the idiot not the drug. The drug is there, it’s your choice to say fuk it.

  • African Royalty(Sho Nuff)

    Wow I’m glad I don’t mess with drugs black people drugs are not your friend!

  • bigdawgman

    I knew that first dude wasn’t just taking weed. Ain’t no damn weed that powerful! I can’t believe people are still doing PCP. Like WTF wrong in your life???

  • Ms B Haven

    I dont understand how you can take a drug such as pcp. Why would I want to get so high to the point of mutilating myself and or others. It makes no sense. Ill stay drug free and sober ..thank you