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Exclusive: Joey Bada$$ Talks Beast Coast Compilation & Charging $47K For A Verse

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HHW: Do you see rappers like Bishop and Astro as your peers or competition?

Joey Bada$$: I see them like my little homies, my little brothers. I definitely support the both of them.

HHW: How did you all meet?

Joey Bada$$: I met Bishop before he was even a rapper, and the same with Astro. We all used to go to the same barbershop and everything, so you know, just from around the way. I definitely support their music and all of that.

HHW: If Nas never made Illmatic, would you be rapping like French Montana (or nah)?

Joey Bada$$: No, never [Laughs]. Nah – Chief Keef voice – nah.

HHW: You’re the first from your family to be born in the U.S., correct?

Joey Bada$$: Uh, yea, first generation.

Hip-Hop Wired: Has that been or is it a weight on your shoulders?

Joey Bada$$: What, being a first generation?

HHW: Do you ever feel the pressure to become something monumental?

Joey Bada$$: Nah, not at all. You know, I always put enough pressure on myself to become something big. And they [family] support my work, so I’m really fortunate enough to have that around me.


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