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Paul Ryan To Meet With Congressional Black Caucus After Racially Insenstive Remarks


House Budget Chairman and former Vice President candidate Paul Ryan, R-Wi, has some explaining to do to African-Americans–and he will, following comments he made that basically implied Black people in the ghetto don’t work hard.

Last month, Ryan appeared on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show and stated there is a “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning to value the culture of work.”

Now he’s have to clarify those comments with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Reports NBC:

After being criticized as racially insensitive for his comments on unemployment in “inner cities,” House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., will meet with the Congressional Black Caucus next week to discuss the issue of poverty, an aide for the CBC says.

“Congressman Ryan is a nice guy, and as such you know he has tried to frame the comments that he made about inner city folk as just sort of an inarticulate way of communicating,” CBC member Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wis., said during a conference call with reporters today. “We want to challenge his assumptions about that and really raise with him a couple of very specific proposals.”

“We are happy that representative Ryan wants to engage in this conversation, and we’re not going to let him get away with sort of a sleight of hand on this,” she said. “We know how to crunch numbers as well.”

The comments were met condemnation from the CBC, with Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., calling them “a thinly veiled racial attack (that) cannot be tolerated.” Ryan later spoke to Lee by phone and admitted that he had been “inarticulate” during the interview.

The two sides are to meet April 30 in Washington D.C.

This isn’t the first time Ryan’s comments in the media were met with a cultural backlash. Following his and Mitt Romney’s defeat in the 2012 presidential election, he went on record detailing the amount of “urban voters” who swayed in Obama’s favor.

He also condoned rape to strengthen his defense against abortion in the days leading up to the election. Which, obviously didn’t sit well with female voters.

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  • Dempsey Coleman

    Why Waste Time on these PEOPLE in the CBC
    when One is SO MART He thinks if t many People
    get on One Side of an Island it will Capsize and
    to make this Simple for YOU to Capsize is to TURN OVER

  • xzimppledink

    the problem of poverty is far too complex to dismiss with Reagan like quips (“the homeless like living outside, Trees pollute the atmosphere, The elite will regulate themselves”), Also dismissing this issue as Racism is a gross oversimplification. There is a real problem, actually the culmination of many real problems that were ignored for too long.

    • Spectator

      One big one which is easy to identify is illegal immigration. How can 11 million (and that number is outdated; it’s higher) illegal entrants into our work force be good for ANY young Americans, including young blacks? And they want to bring in more? And most of the black leaders are FOR this? Really, someone needs to wake up, and soon. Because there will BE no future for citizens of this country if Ryan and his anti-American buddies in BOTH parties aren’t stopped.

  • Spectator

    Rep. Moore should read up on illegal immigration, the proposed amnesty, and its effect on Americans of ALL races, including to a great extent young blacks.

    It’s not Ryan’s remarks which are offensive. It is his constant pandering, along with so many so–called leaders in BOTH parties, to illegal workers in our jobs market. AND to top it all off, the advocating for bringing in MORE of their ilk, so that our own citizens, including young blacks, can NEVER advance to a better life.

    Does she not hear all the sob stories about the illegals and their burdensome children? Why are there no sob stories about Americans who cannot get jobs? Politics muddies the water on this issue to a great extent. Thinking blacks should get together and demand that this favoritism stop: Of rewarding people who are here illegally, who shouldn’t even BE here — because these people, THE ILLEGALS, are the ones taking jobs from American black citizens and causing their persistent decline into poverty.

  • Pav Sterry

    My mother worked 6 days a week into her 60’s at a fiber glass factory that freed up jobs after an immigration raid. My brother and nephew load trucks at 3:00 am and then go to their second job. Heavy lifting with no heat or air conditioning. 100 % humidity to below freezing. I’ve walked gas lines for many miles a day ( the hard part was subcontracted from utility co. so their union employees wouldn’t have to do it). Over 90 degrees, carrying equipment. We are very familiar with hard work. We still have to compete with illegals. Ryan and the Congressional Black Caucus work to hurt those Americans “who do those jobs Americans won’t do”.

  • KLinNYC

    Eliminating illegal immigration and reducing immigration numbers in general would open a lot of job opportunities for everyone, in a lot of different areas.
    So how about not giving amnesty to illegal aliens who compete with blacks for low wage jobs? Not to mention dramatically decreasing legal low skilled immigration.
    I don’t think the average citizen is aware of just how much illegal immigration affects our employment numbers and our economy.

  • Geno

    Thinking without applying reasoning is not smart! Does that sound like Ryan or Congress in general?

  • Brian Williams

    Ryan is such a wuss….and no controversy when he wants amnesty for 33 million criminal illegal aliens? The RYAN/OBAMA amnesty plan will turn the US into Northren Mexico which offends most Blacks and Whites.

  • slick

    why bother reaching out? 95% of them will blindly vote democrat anyway.

    ryan, don’t waste ur time

  • StopTheFlood

    Poverty programs are nothing but a band-aid. The real problem is turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. Illegal immigration floods our job market creating an environment of disposable labor and keeps wages low. The job market needs to be starved out so that wages will increase. Greedy businesses will then have to woo employees with higher wages and better benefits. E-Verify should be mandated in order to stop employment of Illegals.

  • Interurbaner

    I’ve been working in Detroit since 1986 and the city has continued to get worse day by day, more ruins and less opportunity. But Detroit doesn’t need any illegal or legal immigration there are hundreds of qualified folks that are from Michigan.