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Creep Show: 29 People Who Say They Would Finger Iggy Azalea [PHOTOS]


Iggy Azalea trumped the news of her debut album’s release yesterday (April 22) with the shocking revelation that her crowdsurfing days had come to an end at the hands of some of her fans who were junior rapists.

During a promo run at Hot 97, she admitted that guys–and especially girls–made constant attempts to finger her when she dived into the audience.

The Aussie rapper/model even said that she would pick up on some of the pervy ticket holder’s intentions on Twitter weeks before the show happened. And so did Hip-Hop Wired.

After the story broke, reactions varied from people being surprised to humored but there were still some who couldn’t resist admitting that penetentrating “the new classic” would be a dream come true for them. Some even went as far as to say a tongue on the sweaty performer’s juice box wouldn’t be out of the question, either.

Hit the gallery to see at least 29 people who say they would finger Iggy Azalea…and much worse. This amount of sexual struggle is not condoned by anyone riding with HHW and if you know any of the creeps listed, it’s recommended you promptly hit the unfollow button.

Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com, Twitter

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  • Niño

    Those people dream of herpes and stanky fingers for wanting to touch that gross hole!


    nothing wrong with slippin a fing in

    • Say What?

      Well it is if it’s unwarranted. At that point it’s called rape.

  • Say What?

    Hmm social media has me feeling some sort of way. I don’t find any of this to be funny. It’s quite crass.

    • Sexwcharles

      The internet needs policing…

  • Gina

    Black men are so stank and dirty these days,they look like they don’t wash.That’s part of the skiiny jeans,skater culture that they belong to.
    They are also very anti social tweeting,gaming and getting catfished online instead of meeting women in the real world,very sad indeed.

    • Garwilly

      H08 wtf are you talking about, fuking retard

  • LovAsia

    they are bogus and what would make them think that was ok obviously she didnt want that. N!ggas so disrespectful to woman disgusting!

    • Garwilly

      H08 shut the fuk up with your stink pumpum

  • FiFi London

    Throp…Thirst Rapist Over There…wth?? Eww…

  • Jayde da Blade

    why? smh i just don’t get why all these people admitted to being animals..we ARE surrounded…LORD help us…

  • bigdawgman

    So all these people are admitting that they would commit s3xual assault??? Shows how really crazy this world really is.

  • Boss Man

    Only a fool would click through 29 pages of fuc#kery

  • L


  • Whitney G

    What a classless article.