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EXCLUSIVE: Chauncey Mahan Continues To Deny Jay Z Extortion, Supplies Text Convo With Lenny S. [PHOTOS]


Chauncey Mahan Texts 2

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  • Dollface

    It seems like he had the items in storage as part of his internship. He should have advised Jay’s team that those items were in storage when he departed from his position. Not hold on to the items until you’re no longer able to afford to pay the storage fees. Why would he allow his storage to get so far gone before he contacted anyone about it? In his defense I fail to see where the extortion plot begins, it seems like he’s only asking for $2500 to pay the storage.

    • Shiva Amina

      I agree…but the better question is what respectable professional with material like that would allow or want the ‘intern’ to be responsible/manage storage for items like that. Am I to believe that Mr. Carter himself, his management, or even the record label couldn’t be bothered at the time to store away their own possessions? It just doesn’t seem logical to me. Seems like they screwed up and now they’re trying to throw this man under the bus for their own incompetence.