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Black Twitter Praises Russell Wilson For Divorcing Wife Before Extending Contract [PHOTOS]


Today, April 23, it was revealed by the Seattle Seahawks that reigning Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson was divorcing his wife of barely two years. Before you prepare yourself to offer up a heartfelt tweet to the star quarterback, wait for the entire story to unfold before you develop some sympathy.

As ESPN pointed out, Wilson is severely underpaid with rival quarterbacks such as Tavaris Jackson ($1.25M) and Terrelle Pryor ($705K) easily besting his $662K with ease. Wilson was the underrated talent in the 2012 NFL Draft where Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III dominated conversations, but he is the first out of the trio to win himself a championship.

The perception here as the Seahawks prepare to fork over what they owe, Wilson is minimizing his divorce settlement before the big bucks begin to flow. Wilson has been spotted in NYC hobnobbing with Jay Z and Beyoncé and gallivanting around Hollywood so he’s seemingly been a single man (mentally) for a while.

The 25-year-old star athlete released a statement regarding the matter:

“I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce,” the statement read. “Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy. Ashton and I respectfully ask for prayers, understanding and privacy during this difficult time. Moving forward, I will have no further comment on this personal matter.”

Although his comments ceased following the statement, Black Twitter & Co, swooped in to give support his decision to keep his money, enjoy his bachelorhood and in many of their opinions, part ways with an “ugly wife.” That’s right. Even for a clean-cut guy like Wilson, the Internets have no chill in analyzing his personal life.

Peep the numerous backhanded compliments Wilson received regarding his divorce announcement in the following pages.

Photo: WENN, Twitter

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  • Steve T

    So, Russel. You want privacy but announced this to the press? I guess otherwise they have nothing else to write about you? One win doesn’t make you Tom Brady!

    • Run

      Every time Tom Brady faces RW, he winds up looking like a chump!

    • tedsfrozenhead

      He actually didn’t release it. It was a release from the Seahawks. It was the smart thing to do rather than let rumors fly and continually be questioned about it. He has earned the respect of the press and they have for the most part honored his request.

      And 1 SB win with only 2 years in the league puts him into any conversation about what Tom Brady accomplished in his first two years.

      I think the real question here is “What’s your problem”

  • Elmo

    So much for the “classy” Russell Wilson…..

    • David Gee

      How does this make him “not classy”? Idiot.

      • David Gee

        Seriously, you read all this Twitter stuff and just assumed that this is what’s going through Wilson’s mind. Shoot, you probably think he’s the one sending these tweets.

  • danimal09752

    Black twitter? Seriously? And black folks put all the racial problems on white folks. Sticking black in front of EVERYTHING doesn’t help you show that you are more ricially understanding than the groups your bashing.

    • thagreatestmanalive

      What’s wrong with Black Twitter? Everyone had to put up with White America!

      • WillJamison

        Fine, We’ll just consider black twitter your “reparations” then. Enjoy that and BET because that’s about all you’re going to get.

      • thagreatestmanalive

        See. The truth will always bring out the Devil in Satan!

      • domin8er

        More like “thedumbestassontheplanet”. IQ of a coconut.

      • Ramesses The Great

        Yes, it sure does and I love witnessing it every time it does.

      • St Martyr

        Urgh, can a black person make a comment w/o mentioning organised religion spoon fed to them 1st via colonization/slavery and now corrupt womanizing thieving pastors?? Help my DUMB race.

      • TM

        Narrow Minded and Ill Informed. Why would you not want and enslaved people to receive reparations for the atrocities perpetrated against them? While the Country has given Reparations to the Japanese for being put into internment camps for 4 years during WW2 and a form of reparations by granting Native Americans the right to have Casinos after taking their land. Why shouldn’t descendants of former slaves be given reparations?

  • ed57

    “Ugly wife”???

  • G Smith

    Considering he was running around before this, they probably were already planning to get a divorce. In most situations, you have to be legally separated for at least one year before you can file for divorce. This means they could have been already separated before he won the Super Bowl and before he knew how much he could get with his extension. Also, she could have cheated for all we know so making speculations and character judgments about Russell and his situation because he’s the star in all this without knowing all the facts is foolish.

  • Ramesses The Great

    Tiger was stupid for marrying that lower level trash of a babysitter. All of those beautiful successful women at Stanford and he had to choose trash.

    • St Martyr

      The guy IS trash. Once ghetto…..just cause they pushed him there doesn’t mean he learned the grace of knowledge. He is the kind of man that intelligent and KIND black or white women SCARE him.

      • TM

        Tiger was never Ghetto, grew up Upper Middle Class and was never pushed to go to Stanford he could have gone anywhere or just turned pro. Just a thought, while I’m not calling his ex-wife low level trash, Tigers penchant for Waitresses, C or D list entertainers and others like that, it’s not surprising that he wound up with a Babysitter, more than likely the reason he married her is probably because she was pregnant and he had to.

  • Dennis Roberson

    “Black Twitter”?? isn’t that racist?

    • St Martyr

      That is what black people proudly call ‘it’.

    • TM

      First of all Black Twitter is just a community on Twitter. No Dennis it isn’t racist, it would be racist however if Black Twitter didn’t allow you to join their community because you were of a different race. Black Twitter just says who they are, it would be no different if it was Latino, Irish, Jewish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Once again if any of those groups denied anyone other than their own race access, then yes it would be considered racism

  • Sanityisrare

    Any comments from “White Twitter yet?

  • terry pratt

    She is a very Lucky lady.