Cecil Lennox

The Struggle Files: Xzibit Flips Out On Australian Rapper, Throws Steel Chair [VIDEO]



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  • Derek Madcap

    Hey Cecil Lennox….WTF are you talking about here??? Clearly you did not do your homework or research your article deeply enough. You’ve totally attributed me to comments which are not my own. The only words of mine are “Patrick ‘Mastercraft’ Whyntie is no stranger to controversy having been the promoter behind the failed Hip Hop festival ‘Heatwave’ 2 years earlier.” which is me summarising multiple media articles relating to his previous venture.

    I own the copyright for the video, however i did not film the video and I was not there. The comments that you have suggested i made are actually other peoples words in a facebook article and if you had researched a bit deeper you would have found eh sources of those.