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Racist Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend Is BFFs With Karrine “Superhead” Steffans? [PHOTOS]


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  • QTIP

    Birds of a feather flock together. It is all coming together. Everyone has the right to feel how they want. This chick knew what she was plotting and doing. What minority purposely dates an active racist without a motive. They need OPA to the rescue, at this piint I don’t know if it’s gonna help. I don’t feel sorry for the racist prick or his money hungry COME bucket. I feel sorry for the fans, the players, the families of the players and everyone that has invested tine and energy on this franchise.

    • minkpink

      What about him just being a flat out racist???? He should refund every blk person’s money who ever attended a game, how about THAT! people are going to learn about giving ur money to whyt racist. She has nothing to do with this man’s biased.

      • African Royalty(Sho Nuff)

        He’s Jewish .

      • izzy hendrix


      • minkpink

        K. Skin still whyt.

      • nikki

        Jewish is not a race. He’s white.

      • African Royalty(Sho Nuff)

        Really? I guess Adolph Hitler didn’t get the memo when he exterminated a couple of million of them. And your run of the mill racist don’t seem to enbrace them either. Like I said he’s Jewish.

    • cj


  • Foolio’z Struggle Braidz

    Typical…two thots.

  • cj


    • Haja


    • I agree,

    • precisely

    • Run

      He was exposed years ago in a high-profile housing discrimination lawsuit in which he paid $2.7M to black and Hispanic tenants and applicants. He was also exposed by HOF’er Elgin Baylor, whom Sterling discriminated against and handcuffed professionally when he wanted to hire qualified black coaches for the Clippers head-coaching vacancies. SMH @ NAACP for giving this man an award in 2009. Although the housing case came after 2009, people knew he was a racist back then!

    • Kimberly Brown

      Ya right


  • fd sdf

    i fuk’d her and the clippers owner in 1 night and im 100% black……

  • godsent224

    Hiphop wired you’re usually better than this but you’re reaching on this one.


    Fuk him and her I don’t care

  • Being friends with Karrine Stephans has nothing to do with what Donald said. This site likes stirring up trouble i see lol

    • disqus_mcNbCYslzC

      Their job is to distract us with foolishness. We fall for the old okey dokey like a bunch of c00ns. I don’t care who she is. She can be replaced, and I’m sure she will be. What disturbs me is that this man, a Jew for crying out loud, hates black people yet doesn’t mind lining his pockets because of their hard work.
      This is also prevalent in the NFL, where the Redskins owner refuses to change their name, even though it is highly offensive to Native Americans. That is why the NCAA doesn’t want college players to form a union. They get rich treating college players like slaves, and if they bust a knee out playing, they drop their scholarships and they are left broken without a degree. That’s the ticket-use them up and spit them out.
      I’m sure that there are good owners in the NBA and the NFL. Unfortunately, there are going to always be fools like Sterling.

      • Run

        Some of them take the word “OWNER” literally, because they are still living with that plantation mentality. But here’s a serious question: do you think Donald Sterling is alone? Former NBA Commissioner David Stern and the other owners stood by and did NOTHING, even when the housing discrimination suit and other allegations came out over the last 30 years. Sterling was allowed to continue on as an owner, despite the fact that Stern and the other owners knew what kind of racist punk he was. What does that say about THEM? Meanwhile, Stern engineers the theft of the Sonics to Oklahoma City, forces George Schinn to sell the New orleans Hornets, makes Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban his whipping boy for criticizing the refs, and tries his hardest to run (the former Kings owners) Maloof brothers out of the league. That doesn’t even take into account all of his battles with players/former players over the dress code, etc. David Stern stuck his nose just about everywhere but where it should have been: right in Sterlings face, pushing him to get out of the league!

  • These hoes ain’t loyal. Golddigger.

  • tangerine

    All hoes flock togdther…..sisterhood of hoes

  • Cew

    A WOMEN SCORNED!!!! She is getting back at him good!!

  • lea

    Of course her bff is superhead because what sane half black woman would be in a relationship with an ugly white male. Disgusting!!!

    A Black woman would have nothing to do with him regardless of how much money he has. These two hos are half black its the other half that is causing them to be hos.

  • TheTruth

    Should have known Superhead was behind this. Sterling probably tapped that a$$ too! Everyone on Los Angeles has!

  • Run

    Because the NBA has no antitrust exemption, it cannot have a “best interest of the league clause” in its bylaws. Hence, the only way the league could legally force Sterling to sell the team is if the team is in dire straights financially.

    However, the other owners can all agree to never trade with Sterling as long as he owns the team. That means the Clippers would lose free agents or void contracts and be forced to try to build/r-build a championship contender solely via the draft. Possible, but highly improbable.

    No free agents are going to play for Sterling, and no players from other teams will want to go to the LAC. He would be forced to divest himself of the team or sell it.

    On another note: Does L.A. really need two teams? Can their lease be voided? You know what I am getting at…could the Clippers possibly become the Sonics under the right conditions?

  • Noize4u

    Well I guess her student just graduated with honors.

  • MocaPretty

    Karinne gonna show he/she how to move that dough!

  • Kimberly Brown

    Same here,, we call it SEXISM