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NBA Players Including LeBron & Kobe React To Donald Sterling’s Racist Remarks


Believe it or not, there is a bright side to the ugly remarks made by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. A number of NBA players, including LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, have come forward to admonish the racist comments head on.

The most outspoken player (and with the most clout) to comment on Sterling so far is easily LeBron James. “There’s no room for Donald Sterling in the NBA—there is no room for him,” the Miami Heat forward told ESPN before Saturday night’s playoff game against the Charlotte Bobcats.

James stood behind his words after the game, too. “There’s no room for that in our game. We’ve found a way to make this the greatest game in the world.” He added, “We don’t want Donald Sterling’s comments to overshadow what this game means to everyone, including the fans.”

Well said, LeBron. Check out more player commentary in the following pages.

Photo: ESPN

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  • S Jo

    In the words of the great Lebron James~
    “There is no room for Donald Sterling in the NBA league!”

  • love&logic

    I’m brutally honest. This type of mentality along with the people that truly possess it, need to die immediately. We can’t grow and progress as people as human beings with this foolishness. This is unacceptable from the owners’ stances (no pun intended) to the players not doing more to oust this waste of space. Man o man…free your minds people. It’s way too late for this cat.

    Have a peaceful Monday people.

  • disgusted with racism

    kobe got a lot of nerve ,, he couldnt play for him but you can play for a white scab.

  • tracy3

    I’m just as upset with the NAACP for making him their “Man of the Year!” this makes the NAACP look bad.

  • ddb

    This all comes down to how much a person is willing to sell his dignity. Dignity should be priceless but we all know the Players are assessing a cost. I don’t think the opportunity to win a championship is worth a one’s PRIDE, but that is just me.

  • guest

    Your cannot get upset for people speaking the truth. This is how many people see and view blacks, why blacks think otherwise. Because black build up everyone else women and population and abandon their own they believe they will be love or accepted. Wake up black, and stop committing self genocide and ripping your community apart. In every other community the man is the head of the family. Why abandon your own and build up others, this amount to voluntary slavery. You cannot blame anyone for working you out and not getting paid. You are working and getting paid and instead of pumping back in you own community like any other normal race of people would do you give it away. So in the end your race go down the poop hole while others are uplifted. And now you are demanding respect and expect others to see in a different light. Wake up and love thyself first and help in your house and stop ripping it apart.