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Where Are They Now?: The Cast Of Friday


Tommy “Tiny” Lister

Tommy Tiny Lister

Photo: WENN

A former WWE wrestler who went by the name of Zeus, “Tiny” has had numerous guest appearances on TV (Star Trek, Matlock). In Friday, he played the hulking baddie Deebo who terrorized everyone in the neighborhood. After catching the epic fade from Craig in Friday and the film’s sequel, Tommy has consistently been working as a force in film. In 2014 alone, he has six films that are in post-production, with two more in the works, and will next be seen in the horrific The Human Centipede III (The Final Sequence).

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  • tylonw

    Debo was played by “Tiny” Lister

  • You should Know Better

    #fail Deborah WAS not played by Michael Clark Duncan! Who writes this stuff?? Geez. Tiny Lester LIVES.

    • Your reading comprehension has failed you greatly.

  • You should Know Better

    Debo, not Deborah!

  • Ladylove35

    Whoever wrote this need to remove it. How do you write an article on a classic movie and don’t even know the names of the actors/actresses with incorrect pictures? Epic fail!!!!

    • I wrote this article and it seems as if you possibly have Mr. (in your case Ms.) Magoo syndrome. To paraphrase Jay Z, do you read through these stories, or just skew through it?