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R. Kelly Is 47 But Dresses Like A Hypebeast [PHOTOS]



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  • OMG!


  • ThaTruthful1

    It’s proven that mid-age crisis hit men a lot harder than it does women.

  • ohnana

    I’m sure his entire outfit cost more than anything you own tho…

    I see the Versace Medusa sneakers.

    • Godzilla Jr.

      There’s a big difference between elegance and gaudiness and class can’t be bought.

  • African Royalty(Sho Nuff)

    He dresses like a teenage boy maybe that would explain his attraction to underage girls. “Hater won’t to hate and lover’s want to love I don’t even want none of thee above I want to piss on you!…piss on you!….piss on you!…pee on you!”

  • Sweetrose78

    Ever heard of a mid-life crisis? There are quite a few celebs that need to dress more age appropriate.

  • NewYork BOI

    How about JAZY Z, RICK ROSS, JEEZY , TI ALL of them cats dress like him and they pushing 40’s

    • realtalk

      those artist are in their 40’s and dress just like this. but for some reason theyre given a pass. people like to target r kelly about how he dresses for his age. theyre just biased hypocrites.

  • ugh

    He dresses the way teenage boys dress because he wants to attract teenage girls.

  • whatever

    Here’s the crap I don’t understand….Let anyone tell you how to dress and most of you would be ready to scream and shout….I don’t give a crap if this man is 70 let him dress the way he wants to…..In the world of social media we stay trying to tell someone how to live their life….Let this man do him….And you do you….Point Blank…

  • keena

    He still look good. Shrug.

  • Hustle Man

    Jealousy will get you no where in life!

  • patienceblak

    Kellz is not doing himself any favors by obviously being trapped in 92′. I’m gone need him to invest in a tailor and be mindful that he is damn near 50!!! ugh. His style is a reflection and a reminder of his mindset that exposed his issues. I rocked with his music but that foul incident is forever imprinted.

  • Karen Jones

    Man age aint nothin but a # people need to stop stereotypin people he look fly some people kelley think if u 60 u have to wear a old man clothes . Or when a lady turn 50 she cant wear weave no more make her hair like grandmo and wear brown stockings and no makeup. Please this 2014 not 1616 we fly these days get over it already half of the people then wouldn’t have even looked old back then if they would have kept they closet unboring they have 30 year grandsparents now back then grandsparents was 60 and that’ . S about right so if your child get pregnant at 13 and u 33 u have to start wearing grandmo clothes or grandpo threads get outter here

  • Karen Jones

    They want u to smell like bengay lol crazy dude

  • Karen Jones

    47 still young. Lindsey lohan look older then he do

  • Seanie

    Every article I’ve read on this site is full of grammatical AND spelling errors. God damn…………..