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The Boondocks Has Lost Its Way [EDITORIAL]


The long-awaited fourth season of The Boondocks isn’t as interesting as we would’ve hoped. And if we’re being totally honest here, this is the worst way for the show to go out.

Not to discount the ratings win that Adult Swim managed to snatch up from last week’s premiere, but the first episode was the second sign that things with Riley, Huey, Granddad, and all the sub-characters will never be the same. (The first sign of implosion came when creator Aaron McGruder announced that he was done with the show, a few weeks before its debut.)

McGruder didn’t give much detail as to why he decided to jump ship, but all signs point to a Dave Chappelle-esque situation.  Somewhere along the way McGruder’s original intent with the groundbreaking series –which started as a comic strip in 1996 — got muddled by the politics of cable television.

Since this is the final season, it’s important to finish strong, yet the writers behind the show don’t seem to abide by this concept. Aside from not really being funny, the first episode of season four was just plain lazy for targeting Chris Brown, and according to some viewers, it was a recycled version of earlier episodes.

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  • Leon Evelake

    Retread or not I enjoyed the first episode for what it was…..episode 2 was another story.
    Such a shame.

    • kizzy

      Fullmetal Alchemist! 🙂

      • Leon Evelake


  • Morgan

    I’ve enjoyed the first two episodes, but to each their own. People bitched about the previous season as well, as they did not feel it was as humorous as the first two. But what many fail to remember is the Boondocks is not just a comedy it’s also a political satire. Not as funny as the first two seasons, I agree but still funny.

  • BossHogg

    Aaron McGruder is the only thing that can save that show now. Too bad.

  • Otis Django

    I totally LOVE the Boondocks, but this season has been a disappointment. They need Araron McGruder back.