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Former Jay Z Associate Calvin “Klein” Bacote Talks Brooklyn, Guns & Robbing A Train [VIDEO]


Jay Z‘s The Black Album was intended to highlight his life leading up to 1996. One of the more memorable lines was his name dropping former drug dealer Calvin “Klein” Bacote on “Allure”. Since then Klein’s name has rung bells in and outside of the Rap industry.

While the Brooklyn O.G. hasn’t seen eye to eye with Hov upon his homecoming from jail, Klein has moved forward with his own ventures which includes his first book, Neighborhoods Under Siege.

In a recent interview Bacote spoke to and Jack Thriller asked the questions the streets have been wanting to know for some time including how he got his name.

“Growing up the original 50 Cent gave me that name [Calvin Klein], so I got tired of robbing people and they kept calling me by my real name,” Bacote admitted.

He also detailed how his gun game attained such a fierce reputation in the 1980’s. “My aim was ridiculous, I didn’t miss. No hit and miss. You don’t shoot at the sky neither. ”

Klein also shared the infamous story of robbing an entire New York City train; twice. “Surprisingly I’ve done a lot more devastating things in my life though, but it seems like the F train robbery was very impactful. We walked through as many cars as we wanted to until we filled as many bags as we wanted.”

Bacote also addresses robbing rappers and his relationship with Walter “King Tut” Johnson who Tupac scathingly dissed in “Against All Odds.” 

You can view the interview in its entirety on the flip. 

Photo: This Is 50 / Youtube

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