Cecil Lennox

Shaquille O’Neal, Trey Burke & Waka Flocka Slandered For Mocking Disabled Man [PHOTOS]



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  • ignorant az zzz

    I don’t believe he did that,,,,would if his child came out like that,,would he like people making fun,,, im discussed by what he did,,dont like Shaq…he too old for this behavior….

    • erma652

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  • SpecterPolice

    It’s not slander stupid

  • chuckshermanjr

    None of these morons must have taken the advise of their mother when she said be careful about making faces ’cause you face may stay that way.

  • John O’Hanlon

    it is the same as sterling because shaq is part owner of the kings and the nba should suspend him.

  • george

    he needs to be taken off the air and no longer be associated with the NBA tv show.

  • RickS

    I see a pattern here…..Shaq was also the one who taunted Yao Ming with “‘ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh…”

  • Guest

    Even if he didn’t have a disability, it still wouldn’t be right. It’s not like people choose how they look either.