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Diddy Claims Madison Square Garden “Used Him Like A Pawn” In Fuse TV Deal


Diddy–excuse us–Sean Combs (when it comes to business transactions) got rubbed out of the deal to obtain Fuse TV by his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’s NuvoTV and he’s claiming his strings were being pulled to make it all happen.

“[I was] used as a pawn,” he told a at a panel at The Cable Show in Los Angeles, yesterday, May 1. The multi-millionaire mogul alleges that Fuse owner Madison Square Garden used his initial interest in purchasing their failing network to jack up the bidding price, which eventually sold for $226M.

“It’s cool. That’s the way business works,” he continued, knowing all too well about the ends and outs of said business.

Via Deadline:

Still, Combs is optimistic, promising to make Revolt “the No. 1 brand in music worldwide” — potentially rivaling ESPN and CNN — as he urged distributors to pick up the channel. Television ”was a natural evolution for me,” especially as he saw that “music was homeless” on the medium. That “left a wide open space for the No. 1 form of entertainment, especially among Millennials.”

Combs forecast that in five years Revolt could be available on more than 1B devices as young viewers adopt new technologies. Revolt CEO Keith Clinkscales told attendees that it’s important for them to engage with young viewers who frequently prefer to watch video from digital or over the air sources. “They aren’t cord cutters,” he says. “They’re people who choose not to use cable.”

In other business casuality news, Fuse is laying off plenty employees in preparation for the merger.

What’s your thoughts on REVOLT TV so far? Have you been able to see it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • DeeDee

    I love REVOLTTv and I love the diverse genres of music videos it shows. I also love the News reporting section & their Twitter interacting with followers.

    • Trent Clark



    I love REVOLT. The variety of music videos, diverse genres, use of technology are wonderful. Oh, REVOLT also proves there is still artists who has creativity and do not depend on a gimmicks. LONG LIVE REVOLT

  • mesoclever

    Luckily Austinites can assess it thru Time Warner in Austin,TX. Its a cool tv channel especially the behind the scene concerts that happen in locations outside of my state. I always wish I had the investors to broadcast concerts, and partner with local theathers to show screenings. Theres a market for concerts being on payper view especially if its out of town. Why travel just go to the theather and party.

  • Suavebos Ofsnapnoff


  • rgulrguy

    he talking about being used like a pawn, when he pawned so many people to get where he at in the first place!!!! THE NERVE!!! Hmph!