Alvin Aqua Blanco

Chris Brown Back In Court Looking Disheveled [PHOTOS]

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  • Anthony L

    Why has no one spoke up for cris brown and the bullshit way he is being treated, If they will do that to him,they will do it again to some other young black man.3 or 4 months and no bail? Its not like he murked somebody! WAKE UP AMERICA

    • WHITE zACK

      He’s a women beater! Geez black people think they can commit a crime and then when punished, they act like they are getting mistreated. Who cares he’s worthless scum. WAKE UP ANTHONY L

      • anthony L

        Then they should have locked him up at the time of the trial,
        Not after he has been out free in the world,for a few years then lock him up over some bullshit