Alvin Aqua Blanco

Sad Kanye West Gives No F*cks About Zip-Lining [PHOTOS]

Photo: Twitter/@realjoefrancis

Photo: Twitter/@realjoefrancis

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  • akwgreenzbk

    Oh as much as I am a Yeezy fan, babe you need to do some cardio…
    But then again I guess Kimmy cakes likes it so wtf am I to talk sh*t? Well not sh*t it is the truth…smh

    • Please Stop

      He looks out of place

      • akwgreenzbk

        Sure does!

  • Rosemary Davis

    You deleted my comments but you get the point if no one else did Alvin

    • AlvinBlanco

      I did not. Let me see what’s going on…

      • Rosemary Davis

        Trust me it’s not about hurt, it’s about people like you that constantly write articles that has no substance.Who cares about Kanye and KIm ziplining two years ago.Did you reached into an archive for this story because you had nothing else worth-while to write about or was it a slow day??Why don’t you focus on something that we all care about like gang violence in Chicago and other cities if you must write, or even better the blatant racism that’s hurled against blacks everyday, and is now at the fore-front once again I think I would be interested in that what about you ???

  • Justquestions89

    Naw he just looks scared or as though he feels out of his element… like maybe it’s his first time doing it.. Zip-lining is scary there is nothing in the canyon or forest trees that can break your fall if that line snaps… Ijs

  • Suga Bear

    Maybe he’s praying that he doesn’t fall to his death. He might have the bloop bloops. *shrugs*

  • AlvinBlanco

    There you are. Also, let that hurt go.

  • Steve Stone

    He always looks like that. What’s new?

  • Sheneneh Jenkins

    He’s gonna get tired of her after a few years. He seems really obsessed with her and her REALLY obsessed in an unhealthy way. I think he’s a man so busy chasing things to MAKE him happy — without really focusing on himself and being happy with his own life first.

  • BritMhmkay

    He’s too preppy for that ish! Ha!

  • Jason

    Stop hating because he’s with a beautiful White Queen and not with a black b road

  • coloneltaylor

    This is not Kanye! This is a clone. For real. Do your research. He’s been replaced.